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These 10 *Married Life* Tweets Are So. Damn. FUNNY!!

These 10 *Married Life* Tweets Are So. Damn. FUNNY!!

Being married is no game - and well, who better than married people themselves to talk about married life? We found these hilarious married life tweets on Twitter and they are just so damn funny. You gotta read them all, and don’t forget to share them with all the married couples you know…

1. Hahahah! This is so funny…

1 Source: Rachelle_Mandik on Twitter

2. What being married feels like…

2 married Source: ArfMeasures on Twitter

3. If only you’d put everything in its correct place… you’d find it.

3 Source: KalvinMacleod on Twitter

4. Just married things…

4 married Source: AdamBroud on Twitter

5. Hahaha! Do you guys agree?

5 Source: DadandBuried on Twitter

6. Because men will be men…

6 married Source: Home_Halfway on Twitter

7. Story of EVERY married couple…

7 married life tweets Source: TheCatWhisprer on Twitter

8. Hahaha! This is hysterical…

8 married life tweets Source: Dulcetry on Twitter

9. When you are on the same team…

9 married life tweets Source: XplodingUnicorn on Twitter

10. Hahahahaha! Now that’s what we call role playing! *Laughs out loud*

10 Source: KentWGraham on Twitter These were just so funny!
Published on Mar 1, 2017
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