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13 *Period* Definitions That Are Just TOO Funny (And Honest)!

13 *Period* Definitions That Are Just TOO Funny (And Honest)!

Spending time on Urban Dictionary is fun! People put all kinds of things on it and if you’re bored, looking up word meanings on Urban Dictionary is the best way to pass your time. So today, when I had nothing to do, I looked up a word that’s relatable to EVERY girl - Period. Wondering what’s the fun in that? Well, when you find girls and even guys hating on periods just as much as you do, you definitely feel better. And if you are on your period right now, all these hilarious definitions will make all the more sense to you. So girls, go ahead and have a good time reading these!
1. ‘That thing your girlfriend gets so you can't play video games while she's at your house.’ 2. ‘Mandatory hell.’ 3. ‘A whole week without sex.’ 3 hilarious definitions of periods 4. ‘A time where the world turns against you, and nobody does anything right.’ 5. ‘Something boys complain about but they shouldn’t because they don't have to have the extreme pain for a week.’ 6. ‘God's monthly torture towards women.’ 6 hilarious definitions of periods 7. ‘Blow job week!’ 8. ‘Something I somewhat enjoy getting every month because its my body's way of letting me know I am not pregnant.’ 9. ‘The time of the month when female hormones wage a bloody battle against said female.’ 9 hilarious definitions of periods 10. ‘Pure agony for a female.’ 11. ‘Uterus wants baby. Girl doesn't want the baby. Uterus wants revenge.’ 12. ‘When a woman bleeds from her happy hole.’ 12 hilarious definitions of periods 13. ‘A time a woman's vagina bleeds. It's annoying to both males and females.’ Source: Urban Dictionary These were just SO true! GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Apr 20, 2017
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