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10 *Bra* Confessions... You’ll Laugh Till Your Bra Pops Open!

10 *Bra* Confessions... You’ll Laugh Till Your Bra Pops Open!
Being a girl is tough…like seriously very TOUGH! We have to go through periods, waxing, threading…and then there are bras *Sigh*. Whoever said life is not that tough sure didn’t have a uterus! Like Rachel Green said - ‘No uterus, no opinion!’ If you’re a girl who wears a bra, you would agree with us - bras are ANNOYING! Why do they even exist? Whoever looked at boobs and thought about wires must be really pissed at a girl (we’re sure)! Anyway, we can’t crib about it all our lives (or can we?), so here’s a little dose of laughter. These hilarious bra confessions from Whisper are just so true… Read on and we’re sure you’ll laugh out loud!

1. ‘I get distracted by my own cleavage…’ - Yep! Push up bras can do wonders for them!

1 hilarious bra confessions

2. ‘I tried being sexy…’ - Your bra must’ve been like, ‘Not today, my friend. Not today!’

2 hilarious bra confessions

3. ‘I named my bra Brutus…’ - Hahaha! Et tu, Brute?

3 hilarious bra confessions

4. ‘When your boob itches while you’re in public…’ - Ah! Tell us about it...

4 hilarious bra confessions

5. ‘Hey your bra strap is showing…’ - Oh! I wish I could tie your tongue with it to make you shut up!

5 hilarious bra confessions

6. ‘All I want to do is take it off…’ - We know how it feels! *Cries*

6 hilarious bra confessions

7. ‘Not even sure how long it’s been since I last washed my bra…’ - You have to wash them? WHAT? *Hahaha*

7 hilarious bra confessions

8. ‘Taking off my bra is better than sex…’ - OMG that feeling! We know there’s nothing better. NOTHING.

8 hilarious bra confessions

9. ‘I hate how much bras and underwear costs…’ - Seriously! Why are they so expensive? We didn’t ask for them!

9 hilarious bra confessions

10. ‘Cutest bras are never in my size…’ - Every busty girl ever!

10 hilarious bra confessions You can read the full thread here on Whisper.
OMG! We totally relate to them. What about you? Images: Whisper