9 *Filmy* Tweets That’ll Make You Burst Out Laughing!

9 *Filmy* Tweets That’ll Make You Burst Out Laughing!
Bollywood is an integral part of our lives now! While there are some movies that we hate, there are some we absolutely love. If you too are a Bollywood fan, then we have something for you - a list of some of the most hilarious Bollywood tweets that we found on Twitter. YES! These will just crack you up. They are all super funny and you just can’t miss out on them.

1. WOAH! So true… And funny.

Every Ranbir Kapoor Movie EVER! 1 bollywood tweets Source: sapanv on Twitter

2. Hahahahah! Gonna use this next time someone asks us about bulging tummies!

Anyway, kudos to Aamir Khan for pulling two absolutely different looks in one movie. 2 bollywood tweets Source: Zakirism on Twitter

3. Dear Ranveer, what’s up with your dressing style though?

We love you anyway. *Heart* 3 bollywood tweets Source: ubercoolosis on Twitter

4. This is hysterical! *Laughs out loud*

Also, true. 4 bollywood tweets Source: ubercoolosis on Twitter

5. Thakur is cool yo! No pen no apple!

No pineapple either. 5 bollywood tweets Source: warpedinxs on Twitter

6. First Rockstar, then ADHM. What’s next Mr. Kapoor?

You’re the Indian Idol of Bollywood. 6 bollywood tweets Source: bharatunnithan on Twitter

7. *Hum Saath Saath Hain*

No seriously, family should always be together. ALWAYS. Even on honeymoons. 7 bollywood tweets Source: IyerAvin on Twitter

8. When your laptop is a Bollywood fan too.

*rolling on the floor laughing*
8 bollywood tweets Source: Madan_Chikna on Twitter

9. Censor ki scissor!! UFF!

Why CBFC? WHY? 9 bollywood tweets Source: Ancestral on Twitter Okay, these were HILARIOUS!