Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: You Won't Believe Who Got Evicted!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: You Won't Believe Who Got Evicted!

Bigg Boss Season 12 has been entertaining and controversial at the same time. From fights over duties assigned to aggressive tasks, the contestants have been running into tussles all the time. Friends have become foes and at this point, we don't know who is playing a game and who is genuine.

Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan was like a window to vent and rant for the contestants. Looks like they're facing a lot of troubles with each other in the house.

Salman addressed one of the most important issues - physical violence. Saba and Srishty got aggressive during the captaincy task, Shivashish kicked Deepak during the jail time task and Surbhi pulled Srishty's hair during the same task.

Salman warned the contestants and told them that he would ask them to leave the Bigg Boss house if they resort to these.

In case you missed out on the Navratri celebrations in the house, we have the highlights for you. Plus, we know who got evicted! So, here are some thoughts I had while watching Weekend ka Vaar. Read on!

1. Why are all these contestants so dressed up?

2. It’s Navratri time, lassies!

3. Bigg Boss has given these contestants a strange task. They have to collectively give each other titles. Guess it’s fight time again!

4. Evicted contestants Anup Ji and Sreesanth too are participating from the other room. They must be so bored.

5. Salman wants to know Anup Ji and Sreesanth's opinion on what's happening in the house right now. They have so much to say!

6. Sreesanth is justifying why he thinks Dipika is a cunning woman.

7. Surbhi feels that Dipika is fake. 

8. Salman feels that the contestants should be grateful to Dipika for voting out Sreesanth, who was a strong contender.

9. Shivashish has admitted that he had already planned to kick Deepak during the captaincy task. WTF?

10. Romil feels that Shivashish holds grudges against Deepak. So evident!

11. Sourabh is not guilty of supporting Shivashish during the captaincy task. That's so wrong!

12. Shivashish and Deepak are apologising to each other to sort things out. 

13. Karanvir feels that Saba pushed Srishty on purpose during the captaincy task. I so agree!

14. Jasleen thinks that Srishty was at fault during the captaincy task. She's Team Saba!

15. Salman is mad at Srishty for being violent. He has warned the contestants to control their temper else he'd ask them to quit the show. I like this!

16. Kajol in the house! This should be fun.

17. Everyone wants to act now. Like they weren't acting in the house otherwise.

18. Shivashish and Jasleen are performing for Kajol! It's not that great.

19. Kajol wants to know who's the weakest contestant in the house as of now. Inmates think Sourabh is the weakest of all. I think Urvashi is!

20. Time for Sultani Akhada!

21. It's Dipika v/s Surbhi! Who will win?

22. And Surbhi has won it. Salman has given her a special power. She can nominate anyone for the next week. Oh no!

23. She has nominated Karanvir. I think she's stupid.

24. Salman was kidding. There is no such power. LOL!

25. Little comedian Divyansh in the house. He's so cute!

26. He's poking fun at every contestant. This is hilarious!

27. There's a dance performance happening on Taareefan!

28. Nehha, Jasleen and Srishty have also joined him. Nehha is SO good. Why does Jasleen make such faces? 

29. Deepak has to translate Hindi idioms to English and dedicate one to each contestant. I'm rolling on the floor laughing. Deepak is so funny!

30. Two little kids are playing Jasleen and Anup Ji. Their dance moves are INCREDIBLE!

31. There's a special performance from #DanceDeewane Dinanath, Ved and Sonali! WOW! This woman has so much strength.

32. And it's time to announce who's getting eliminated. I am nervous.

33. Nehha has been evicted. I can't believe this. I thought she was very popular.

34. Dipika is crying and she feels heartbroken. I can understand!

35. Looks like Anup Ji and Sreesanth are going to re-enter the house today. Are you ready for more drama?

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