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Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar: Nehha Pendse Dances Really Well!

Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar: Nehha Pendse Dances Really Well!

Bigg Boss Season 12 may not have the most popular faces but these contestants have won our hearts in no time. They’re controversial, funny and super entertaining. I wait the entire week for the Weekend ka Vaar episode to know who’s getting evicted.

This Weekend Ka Vaar episode was hysterical and cringe-worthy at the same time. While Govinda and Salman together took us on a mad ride, Jasleen performed to Zara Zara Touch Me for Anup Ji and it was making me uncomfortable.

Bharti entered the house and poked fun at the inmates. As usual, she nailed it with her comic timing. I wish she were a contestant.

In case you missed out on all the fun, twists and who got evicted this weekend, we have the highlights for you. Here are the thoughts I had while watching Weekend Ka Vaar. Read on!

1. Salman and Govinda together dancing to Partner. I’m tripping!

2. They’re impersonating SRK. Losers!

3. Salman can’t impersonate anyone, he can barely act.

4. Contestants are throwing mudslinger at posters of Surbhi and Romil. Isn’t that disrespectful?

5. Govinda is so entertaining! And funny!

6. Romil is getting a tope ki salaami for being the most manipulative contestant. Serves him right.

7. The contestants have to sell each other as products. This is weird.

8. Salman and Govinda are playing 'guess the song' by the tune. What a waste of time.

9. Salman is schooling Sreesanth, Nehha and Karanvir. They definitely need to be taught how to play.

10. Salman is drinking Appy Fizz. He’s so random.

11. Srishty is rolling her eyes at Salman. The audacity! 

12. Salman feels that Nehha was unfair to Somi during the captaincy task. So do I, even though Somi isn’t my favourite.

13. Salman just revealed that Shivashish switched hands during the captaincy task. WHAAAAT?

14. Nehha has failed as a spectator and will now be punished.

15. Nehha has been sent to the torture room and there’s mucus on her. EEEEWWWWW!

16. Shivashish and Deepak are fighting. Deepak saw him switch hands.

17. Deepak feels that Sourabh is a con man. Shut up, Deepak!

18. Sreesanth is consoling Deepak. LOL.

19. Salman Khan is performing to Jag Ghumeya. He’s so full of himself.

20. Bharti in the house! This better be fun.

21. Why on Earth would she shower or rather smother Sreesanth with kisses? So cringe-worthy.

22. Deepak v/s Anup Ji for Suron ka King? Let’s see who wins.

23. And Anup Ji is now the Suron Ka King.

24. Another sexist task where the girls of the house have to woo Anup Ji. Really? WHY?

25. Nehha just did a bomb AF pole dancing act. Wow!

26. Jasleen is so sick. Zara Zara Touch Me? What is she doing to Anup Ji? That’s not bold, it’s sleazy.

27. Bharti is so funny. She’s all over Anup Ji. She should win it. I can’t stop laughing.

28. Deepak is singing the song he wrote for Salman. Ooooo! I like this.

29. It’s time for Sultani Akhada. Who will be quizzed by Salman this time?

30. It’s Karanvir and Deepak.

31. And Karanvir has won it! Deepak will have to do his share of chores the next week.

32. A special gift for Sreesanth? What will that be?

33. A message from his wife and kids. Aww. That’s adorable.

34. I’m curious to know who’s going to get evicted. Also, I’m losing out on my patience.

35. And the least number of votes are for Anup Ji and Jasleen. Damn. I like Anup Ji.

36. Bigg Boss has a twist for this vichitra jodi.

37. One of them can stay in the Bigg Boss house. How’s that fair to the other contestants?

38. Anup Ji has decided to get evicted and Jasleen will stay in the house. She’s so selfish.

39. Dipika and Karanvir are getting emotional. I'm feeling bad too.

40. Sreesanth and Deepak are playing the harmonium remembering Anup Ji.

41. Looks like Deepak is very upset with Jalseen’s decision of staying in the house with her partner. I’m with him on this.

42. Wait, what?! Anup Ji is going to some secret house.

43. He’s going to spy on the contestants from there?

44. God knows what else will happen on this season!

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