Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 53: Karanvir Becomes The New Captain Of The House

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 53: Karanvir Becomes The New Captain Of The House

Bigg Boss announced an interesting captaincy task which saw strategy, planning, and scheming, but most of all, it saw presence of mind and good reflexes. Members of the Happy Club- Romil, Surbhi, Deepak, and Somi got emotional thinking about the eviction over the weekend since all four of them are nominated.

But out of nowhere, something went wrong and the Happy Club split. Shocked, aren't you? In case you missed out on what was the reason behind the shattering of their ever-so-strong bond, we have the highlights for you. Read the full story to find out!

Surbhi Got Upset With Deepak

Sreesanth went up to Deepak and tried to instigate him against Karanvir and Dipika. Surbhi saw them talking and asked Deepak what was the point of her fighting with Sreesanth if Deepak had to eventually bond with Sreesanth. Deepak defended himself by saying that he was only listening to what Sreesanth had to say and he wasn't going to trust Sreesanth anyway. Surbhi got upset with him and told him that she would never take a stand for Deepak from thereon.

The Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss gave the winners of the luxury budget task - Karanvir, Romil, Somi, and Megha an interesting captaincy task and asked Dipika to be the sanchaalak of the task. Contestants had to walk around in squares holding bowls filled with water in their hands. They had to strategically work towards dropping the water-level in their opponents' bowls while safeguarding their own bowls. After each buzzer, the contestant with the least amount of water was eliminated.

Karanvir Became The Captain

As soon as the task began, Romil jumped to the other zone and attacked Megha's bowl first after which she broke Somi's bowl. In the second round, Romil threw Karanvir's bowl but Karanvir requested Dipika to re-consider and let him stay in the game since there was still some water left in his bowl. As soon as she allowed him back in the round, Karanvir smashed Romil's bowl and became the captain of the house.

Srishty Called Dipika A Drama Queen

Dipika made friendship bands for the Happy Club and congratulated them for sharing a great bond with each other. She later got emotional thinking about their strong bond. Srishty went up to Shivashish and asked him if he knew why Dipika was crying. She then made fun of Dipika and called her a drama queen.

Happy Club Members Split

Surbhi suddenly lost her cool at Romil for looking elsewhere when Deepak, Somi, and she were sitting around him. She started shouting at him, and he too lost his cool and retaliated. She then threatened to slap him and things got out of hand. Somi and Deepak were shocked to see this senseless fight. Surbhi then went inside to sleep, and started crying. When Somi tried to make her realize that it was her fault, she began crying even more. Later, when she came out to apologize to Romil, he refused to accept his mistake, and so, she too refused to speak to him. Somi and Deepak were very upset seeing their group shatter before their eyes.


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