Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 52: Romil Makes A Sacrifice For Somi

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 52: Romil Makes A Sacrifice For Somi

The Bigg Boss house was lit up last night, with beaming smiles of the inmates as they celebrated Diwali. Bigg Boss played short voice messages for them from their family members and it made everyone emotional.

This was probably the first episode of the entire season where no one fought or yelled. In case you missed out on what made Romil earn respect from all the contestants, we have the highlights for you. Read on to find out!

Contestants Watched Video Messages From Their Families

Bigg Boss called Karanvir, Shivashish, and Surbhi in the activity area after making them hear voice messages from their family members and told them that only one of them will get to watch the full video. Karanvir and Shivashish let Surbhi watch the video from her mother. Surbhi got very emotional and thanked the two of them. Next, Bigg Boss played the snippets from Somi's mother, Jasleen's father and Megha's daughter. Megha and Somi let Jasleen watch the full video. Among Rohit, Sreesanth, and Deepak, Deepak got to watch his family's video. 

Romil Made A Sacrifice For Somi

Bigg Boss called Dipika, Romil, and Srishty inside the activity room. The ladies took Romil's name considering he would get to see his babies. But Romil requested Bigg Boss to play Somi's video instead of his as he can't see her like this. He said he knows Somi is heartbroken. Bigg Boss agreed and played the video recorded by Somi's family. Somi got emotional watching it and thanked Romil and told him that no one has done something so special for her before this. Everyone in the house respected Romil for making a sacrifice and he became a hero.

Deepak Got Jealous Of Romil

Deepak went up to Romil and told him that he needed that kind of attention from Somi and he should've come up with that idea. He jokingly said that he would have totally managed without his parents' video. Somi walked in and Romil told her that it was all Deepak's idea, but Somi refused to believe him.

Astrologer Sanjay Jumani In The House

Astrologer Sanjay Jumani entered the house and interacted with the contestants. He told Romil that he sees him in the top five, appreciated Karanvir and Dipika's game, told Megha that she will get her Bollywood break soon, and advised Jasleen to play smartly. Sreesanth asked Sanjay if he would ever be able to return to cricket, to which the astrologer answered that he must be practical and stick to the creative industry.

Srishty Got Miffed At Sreesanth

Srishty confronted Rohit and asked him if he had ever told anyone that she was in the Bigg Boss house only because of the two have been linked together. Rohit denied it and said that Srishty was being absurd. She asked him if he is sure. He recalled hearing this from someone. Srishty asked him if it was Sreesanth. Rohit immediately agreed. Srishty was shocked and said that no one could be trusted in this house.

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