Bigg Boss Season 12 Episodes 50 And 51: Sreesanth Picks A Fight With Karanvir (Again!)

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episodes 50 And 51: Sreesanth Picks A Fight With Karanvir (Again!)

A lot has been happening on Bigg Boss Season 12. The luxury budget task caused a rift between the housemates. Sreesanth, as the captain of the house, nominated seven contestants. However, there was still an eviction task announced by Bigg Boss and later Romil, Surbhi, Somi, and Deepak were nominated for eviction. 

Sreesanth, as usual, has been snapping at every contestant. Surprisingly, Deepak and Karanvir have sorted things out between them. Surbhi has been after Jasleen's life, taunting her all the time. Shivashish and Somi had an ugly spat after Shivashish mocked Somi for stammering.

If you've missed out why Jasleen snapped at Romil and Deepak and who won the luxury budget task, then we have the highlights for you! Read on.

Jasleen Slammed Romil And Deepak

Romil and Deepak cracked a lame joke about Anup Ji and Jasleen. Karanvir went up to them to clarify if it was a joke. Jasleen came there and said that it indeed was a cheap joke. Karanvir told Romil and Deepak to not joke like that because Anup Ji is a respected person. Romil immediately told Karanvir that Jasleen used to call him Budhha. Jasleen lost her cool and said that she would pull their tongues out if they talk about Anup Ji like that. Romil called Jasleen cheap and Deepak said that she's weak. Later, Deepak called her a gold digger and she snapped at him.

Sreesanth Got Disqualified From The Luxury Budget Task

Karanvir announced the luxury task 'Yahan Wahan' in which all contestants would be sent to the dilapidated outhouse. They will have one ticket to the main house, which they have to tear off after one use. Similarly, a ticket in the main house will allow housemates to go back into the outhouse. The house which will have the least number of contestants will win the task. Srishty was the coordinator of the task and had to make sure that the ticket is used only when the buzzer played. Surbhi started taunting Sreesanth the minute the inmates were sent to the outhouse. Sreesanth lost his cool and complained to Bigg Boss by stepping out of the outhouse. Srishty disqualified him as he went out without a ticket.

Karanvir And Sreesanth Were At Loggerheads (Again!)

Karanvir and Sreesanth got into an argument and passed comments about each other. Sreesanth called Karanvir 'beechwala' and dragged his family into their fight. Sreesanth spat on the ground and said that he will take his revenge. He told Karanvir that he is always smelling bad and Karanvir said that Sreesanth smelled like puke. Karanvir added that Sreesanth has missed ten years of his life.

Four Contenders For Captaincy

After shuffling of inmates from the main house to the outhouse and vice versa, the outhouse contestants won the task. Srishty proved to be a great moderator for the task and Karanvir, Megha, Romil, and Somi became contenders for captaincy.

Contestants Celebrated Sreesanth's Birthday

Dipika and Shivashish surprised Sreesanth by baking a halwa cake on his birthday. They even gifted him a handmade ball along with his jacket. There was an emotional moment between Deepak and Sreesanth when Sreesanth went to feed a piece of cake to Deepak.

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