Bigg Boss Season 12: 20 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 5!

Bigg Boss Season 12: 20 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 5!

Bigg Boss season 12 has had an eventful week. From people crying to abusing each other, the first week has given us a glimpse of what all can happen in the upcoming episodes.
Last night, episode 5 aired on TV. I was super excited to know who all get nominated for eviction. Bigg Boss sent a few contestants to the jail and made some unexpected announcements. 

In case you missed the drama, we have the highlights for you. Here are thoughts I had while watching episode 5 of Bigg Boss season 12.

1. Saba has denied responsibilities assigned to her by captain Kriti. What does she think of herself?

2. Sreesanth is crying. I feel bad for him.

3. Deepak is mocking Anup. I can’t understand whose side is he on.

4. Deepak is so sensible. I really like him.

5. The Khan sisters are plotting against the captains. When will they quit?

6. Kriti doesn’t want Saba to take care of the kitchen because she feels that Saba will ruin everyone’s mood during the meals. Legit!

7. The contestants chose Karanvir, Romil, and Nirmal to go to the jail. Why Karanvir?!

8. And Bigg Boss has decided to nominate them for eviction. WHAAAAATTT?

9. Anup wants Srishty to be the first one to be evicted. I’m with him on this.

10. Nirmal is talking. I’m amazed.

11. Deepak feels that Anup wanted Dipika to win and is unhappy with the current captains.

12. Deepak is a big fan of Sreesanth.

13. Deepak is going on and talking to everyone. What a strategist!

14. And now he’s made Srishty cry. Emotional blackmail.

15. She didn’t dispose of the garbage because she was talking to Deepak. Escapist!

16. And now Srishty is crying in front of Urvashi. She wants everyone’s sympathy.

17. Somi is giving Romil his things in the jail. Captain Kriti isn’t okay with this.

18. And as expected, Somi is rebelling. She wouldn’t listen to anyone.

19. Somi is bitching about Kriti to Romil. She has no other job.

20. Wasn’t Roshmi also the captain?


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