Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 43: Deepak Is Friendzoned!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 43: Deepak Is Friendzoned!

Bigg Boss Season 12 is the first ever where the house has been divided into clubs. Romil and Surbhi are practically controlling the Happy Club, and Dipika is still struggling to make the Wolf Pack stay together and sort out their differences.

Nine contestants were nominated for eviction for eviction last night and there was an interesting conversation that happened between Deepak and Somi. If you missed out on this, we have the highlights for you. Read on!

1. Somi Found A New Sister

Somi was extremely emotional last night because she was missing Saba. Megha came and lay next to me Somi on the bed and said that she misses Saba too. Somi got even more emotional and said that she was missing her for the immense love she showered on her. That's when Megha told Somi that she'll be her sister now. Megha also told her that she wouldn't do anything to hurt Somi and she would stand by her.

2. Nine Contestants Got Nominated For Eviction

Bigg Boss gave a special power to Deepak. He was asked to nominate one person apart from the already nominated eight contestants. Deepak nominated Sreesanth. This was the first time nine contestants were nominated together - Karanvir, Shivashish, Dipika, Urvashi, Jasleen, Megha, Rohit, Srishty and Sreesanth.

3. Sreesanth Lied To Jasleen

Bigg Boss asked all the contestants to name two people they want to save from the nominations. Sreesanth took Dipika and Shivashish's name. When he came out of the confession room, Jasleen asked her if he took her name or Dipika's name. He lied to her and told her that everyone will try to convince her that he took Dipika's name but he didn't. Later, Jasleen got to know from Rohit that Sreesanth was lying to her. She confronted him and he acted like it was no big deal.

4. Deepak Made A Confession

Surbhi and Deepak were sitting and Surbhi told him to tell her the truth about whether he liked Somi or not. He started blushing. Surbhi told him to tell it to her. That's when Somi walked in. Deepak told her that he really liked her and he used to keep looking at her. He also apologised for making her feel uncomfortable but also added that she's the ideal girl for him. Somi friendzoned him and Deepak walked away. Ouch!

5. Sreesanth Didn't Sort Things Out With Karanvir

Karanvir decided to talk things out with Sreesanth. He waited for him in the garden area for 30 minutes. Sreesanth showed up and gave attitude to Karanvir. Later, he went to Dipika to tell her that Sreesanth has no decency and he doesn't respect friendship. He could have told him that he doesn't want to talk, he didn't even answer him even though he was waiting; he respects no one and he is immature. He also added that Sreesanth has changed. 

Looks like some relationships are getting stronger, while some are falling apart. Keep watching this space for more khabar on Bigg Boss Season 12.

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