Bigg Boss Season 12: 21 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 4

Bigg Boss Season 12: 21 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 4

Bigg Boss Season 12 has us glued to our TV screens and the entertainment quotient is getting higher and higher. Last night, Episode 4 aired on TV and it was one of the most disturbing episodes so far.

Since the contestants couldn’t complete the BB Press Conference task, their luxury budget was taken away. The episode saw the election of the first captain of this season. Given the lack of sportsmanship in the male contestants during BB Press Conference, Bigg Boss announced that only the female contestants can run for the captain of the house. Right after which he announced what the captaincy task will be and we were shattered. The girls had to woo a certain male contender as he plays the king to win the captaincy.

Last night’s episode was a disappointment in many ways. From sexism to misogyny, Episode 4 had us feeling extremely uneasy.

In case you missed the injustice last night and who won the captaincy, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 4. Read on!

1. Badshah, o Badshah is the perfect morning alarm! We’ve moved past Salman songs. Yay!

2. Jasleen is wearing neon shorts with a neon top! Glow in the dark, but in the day?

3. Anup and Jasleen engage in PDA. It's a bit uncomfortable to watch.

4. Time to elect the first caption! And Bigg Boss has decided that only female contestants can contest for the captaincy! Who run the world? Girls!

5. The Khan sisters don’t let each other talk, let alone other inmates.

6. Romil is whispering in Somi’s ear. Bad manners!

7. The Khan sisters will not listen to anyone. Please chuck them out.

8. Singles have elected Dipika and jodis have elected Kriti and Roshmi for captaincy.

9. The girls have to woo Anup to win the captaincy. And he’ll give them roses. Whoever receives the maximum roses wins. WTF?! 

10. Anup is the king and he called Jasleen his secretary. Really? Not Queen? This speaks volumes about their relationship. Also, power changes people.

11. Sreesanth abused Shivashish. What is he up to?

12. Roshmi is swimming to impress Anup. Things people do for captaincy.

13. King Anup is singing Baby Doll. Tch!

14. Karanvir is wearing a neon pink dhoti to impress Wazir Jasleen? Oh god!

15. And Dipika has won the task. Yay!

16. But Deepak has snatched all the roses from her and created a ruckus. Because of which Dipika has lost the task. What the hell. That’s so unfair.

17. Kriti and Roshmi are the first captains of this season. I couldn’t be more upset.

18. All of a sudden, Somi is taking Sreesanth’s side. She’s so confusing.

19. Saba is fighting with Deepak because he doesn’t let fights happen. WTF?

20. Sourabh is crying? Oh no! Please don’t cry. You’re the most sensible contestant.

21. Sreesanth is pacifying him. That was unexpected.

Too much crying in this episode! But the task was really silly and I wouldn't want to see women in a subservient position ever again. Dear Bigg Boss, please find better tasks!

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