Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 26: Surbhi Fights With Karanvir, Says He Has Double Standards

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 26: Surbhi Fights With Karanvir, Says He Has Double Standards

The ugly spat between Srishty and Saba shocked everyone in the house. Bigg Boss decided to disqualify them from captaincy forever. This is the first time something like this has happened in the Bigg Boss house.

Last night, three contestants went to jail and also, there was a task that got the contestants verbally aggressive.

Sreesanth kept judging Dipika and Nehha the whole time with Anup Ji and now the two of them have turned against Dipika.

In case you missed out on why Sreesanth hates Dipika now, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching episode 26 of Bigg Boss season 12. Read on!

1. Punjabiyaan Di Battery! What an alarm! I’m lovin’ it!

2. Deepak feels that Sreesanth never used his brains. Well, that’s true!

3. Dipika wants Srishty to go to jail and Sreesanth is not with her on this. Sreesanth has turned against Dipika.

4. Sreesanth feels that Dipika is the biggest player and she should go to jail. Wow!

5. Let’s see who goes to jail now. I am so curious.

6. Shivashish, Sourabh and Srishty have been chosen by the other contestants. So, they’re going to jail.

7. Surbhi is yelling at Karanvir and saying that he has double standards. Look who’s talking!

8. Time for an Oppo task. Somi is the spectator. Four contestants will be selected by Romil and Surbhi, who according to them need to be charged. Rest of the contestants will point out their faults. Whoever can pinpoint faults with relevant examples wins. That’s such a random task.

9. Deepak is questioning his own partner Urvashi. Is he crazy?

10. Urvashi has some awesome comebacks. Wow! For the first time ever.

11. The entire house is attacking Dipika. No, guys!

12. Deepak has won the task! Whatever!

13. Surabhi feels that Urvashi is the most diplomatic contestant in the house. Just because Urvashi is quiet?

14. Deepak has applied ointment on his lip and is still talking. Can he ever shut up?


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