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Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 22: Karanvir And Romil Have An Ugly Spat During The Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 22: Karanvir And Romil Have An Ugly Spat During The Captaincy Task

This time Weekend Ka Vaar was one hell of an episode that acquainted us with one of the biggest twists - Anup Ji is spying on the contestants from a secret room. Isn’t it always easier to find faults in others when you’re overlooking them?
Sourabh and Deepak’s friendship has fallen prey to Sourabh’s injustice during the captaincy task. That reminds of the interesting captaincy task that happened last night.

In case you missed the fights and drama that happened during the task along with who all got nominated for eviction, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching episode 22 of Bigg Boss season 12. Read on!

1. Deepak wants Urvashi to stop talking to Sourabh because he had a fight with him. Is he a kid?

2. Romil is consoling Urvashi. That’s ironic.

3. Anup Ji is spying on the contestants. He’s so lucky.

4. He feels that Jasleen is enjoying in the house without him. This should be an eye-opener.

5. Ek Rasta Do Raahi! Such old songs for the alarm.

6. It’s nomination time or not?!

7. Sreesanth, Nehha and Karanvir are nominated for giving their own names to go to the jail last week.

8. Sreesanth and Jasleen are playing cricket in the storeroom. Something will break, guys!

9. Bigg Boss wants the ball and bat. Told you!

10. Sreesanth destroyed the ball before giving it away. Ouch.

11. He’s upset now. Like always.

12. Sreesanth wants to go home. AGAIN.

13. He has thrown away the mic and locked himself in the washroom. What an attention seeker!

14. It’s time for the captaincy task. Half of the people are prisoners in jail the other half are playing cops. Whoever wins the task can run for captaincy. Fair!

15. I’m confused but this looks interesting.

16. Deepak is out and now he is the spectator of the task.

17. Romil is such a rebel. I just hate him.

18. Romil didn’t let Sourabh cross the wall. Sourabh is out of the task.

19. Srishty has given up. She’s out too.

20. Nehha is holding onto Somi. But she couldn’t do so for long and Nehha is out now.

21. Jasleen fell on her head. I hope she’s okay.

22. Sreesanth and Somi are the only ones left. Sreesanth is not fit to become the captain though.

23. Let’s see who wins!

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