Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 17: The Luxury Budget Task Was All About Balls!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 17: The Luxury Budget Task Was All About Balls!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 16 shook us all when we saw Anup ji break up with Jasleen because she couldn’t give up her clothes and makeup for him. I was so excited to know what happens next. But last night’s episode showed that they’re still a jodi.

The luxury budget task stirred a lot of controversies last night. The Khan sisters fought with the jodis yet again. Deepak yelled at Karanvir and got yelled at by Sreesanth. Sreesanth and Romil too ended up in an ugly tussle.

In case you missed out what happened, why and how, last night, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching episode 17.

1. Luxury budget task is called 'Jwalamukhi'. This is funny.

2. Nehha is reading the instructions and I am clueless. Let’s wait and watch what the task is.

3. Anup ji and Jasleen are still a jodi? What’s happening? What was all that drama for?

4. Romil is making strategies. I don’t like the way he bosses around people.

5. The contestants have to collect small crazy balls. We used to play such games at birthday parties when we were 5.

6. Sreesanth has decided to not participate. So typical of him.

7. Surabhi and Somi are the mediators. Worst decision ever.

8. The task has been stopped because of the rain.

9. Jasleen is convincing the inmates to make her the captain if jodis win the task.

10. Surabhi is complaining about Sreesanth with Deepak and Sourabh. They seem disinterested though.

11. The Khan sisters don’t want to play if they don’t get to be the captains. What else can we expect from them?

12. Somi is yelling at everyone. Did she swear on her mother that she doesn’t want to become the captain this week?

13. Romil and Sreesanth are fighting. And I can’t understand the reason.

14. Zingat is the alarm! Bigg Boss has better playlist than most DJs in the city.

15. Deepak is louder than the morning alarm. Why is he yelling?!

16. Sreesanth is yelling at Deepak. He wants a fight.

17. Deepak is saying that his bed has been taken away. How’s that even possible?

18. Task has been resumed. Saba and Nehha get physical. Saba is a drama queen. It was HER fault.

19. Surabhi is a terrible mediator. Ask her to leave, please?

20. Karanvir and Romil are yelling at each because Romil cheated apparently. 

21. Dipika is disqualified. Oh no!

22. Everyone is running for balls and putting them in their clothes. Oh god. What a stupid task. 

This season is brimming with controversies! They may be able to overtake all the controversies that happened in a decade of Bigg Boss. I'm staying tuned for the drama! 

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