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Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 15: The Nomination Task Causes A Rift Between Anup & Jasleen

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 15: The Nomination Task Causes A Rift Between Anup & Jasleen

Bigg Boss Season 12 is getting spicier with every episode. Last night, we had two surprises and we couldn't believe our eyes.

Romil entered the Bigg Boss house again with his new partner Surabhi Rana, who was initially Kriti’s partner. This is the first wildcard entry of this season. Jasleen and Anup's jodi fell prey to a task. And this could impact their relationship in a bad way. To know what happened and why Anup is upset with Jasleen, read the highlights below. Here are 21 thoughts I had while watching episode 15.

1. Sourabh and Neha have some interesting thoughts about Deepak.

2. Deepak and Somi think that Dipika cares for Sreesanth way too much. I think that’s not a bad thing.

3. Neha seems to be pally with Srishty now. That’s a good change!

4. Looks like someone is about to enter the house. Who’s it going to be?

5. Romil is back! And he has a new partner, Surbhi Rana. This is the 6th vichitra Jodi in the house. I don't think I am happy about this.

6. Surabhi is so loud. She seems to be a troublemaker.

7. Karanvir, Sreesanth and Shivashish don’t seem too happy with Romil’s return. High five, guys!

8. Surabhi thinks that Dipika is playing mind games with everyone. Can she keep her opinions to herself?

9. Deepak is upset with the Khan sisters because they instigate his partner Urvashi? Well, aren’t they the meanest?

10. What is Mobile Number? is the coolest alarm ever! I still remember the hook step.

11. And it’s time for the nomination task. The singles will kidnap one jodi member and demand ransom from the other. Either the partner does what they’re asked to do or the jodi gets nominated. I like this!

12. Dipika has kidnapped Anup and asked Jasleen to give away her makeup, clothes and chop off her hair.

13. Jasleen wants to negotiate. But Dipika isn’t listening.

14. The inmates are mad at Jasleen for being selfish.

15. Looks like Shivashish has managed to convince Jasleen to give away her clothes. Has he, really?

16. Inmates think that Dipika’s demands from Jasleen are a little too much.

17. And Jasleen has decided to NOT give up her stuff and instead get nominated. Unbelievable!

18. Anup is teary-eyed because Jasleen chose her clothes and makeup over him. I feel bad for him.

19. Swati is SO irritating. Someone throw her out today itself.

20. Why is Jasleen blaming Dipika for some old task?! Is that a cover-up for not completing this one?

21. Anup looks extremely disturbed. Will he cut off from Jasleen? Stay tuned to find out! 

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