Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Urvashi Gets Evicted From The House

Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Urvashi Gets Evicted From The House

Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar brought another eviction on Sunday. This week, nine contestants were nominated for eviction and one got out of the run. Comedian Bharti Singh and singer Aditya Narayan came for a visit and ex-contestant Hina Khan lit the house on fire!

If you were busy shopping for Diwali gifts this weekend, we have all the highlights from Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 48-49.

Episode 48, Saturday

1. Salman Khan Talked About The Week That Was

Salman Khan joked with Jasleen and said, "You've set a world record for losing tasks continuously. Aap ghar mein hi rehte ho na Anup Ji ke jaane ke baad?" Talking further about Sree's captaincy nominations, Salman called Romil the mastermind and everyone applauded. Srishty deserved to be on a rank top above Megha, said Salman, and ended the roundup of the week with a call from a fan. The fan asked Megha, "You still haven't been able to be a part of the group till now, why?" Megha explained herself, "I don't want to be a part of the group till I know everyone properly."

2. Hina Khan Gave Everyone A Reality Check 

Ex-contestant Hina Khan entered the Bigg Boss house and conducted a task, Hina Ki Adalat. The task was an engaging affair where the contestants were questioned about their behaviour during the show. Hina first called out Dipika to the box and stated that her life revolved around Sreesanth and that she seems like she is still in the Sasural Simar Ka mode.

3. Jasleen Explained About Her (Fake) Relationship

Hina accused Jasleen misleading the audience with her fake relationship with Anup Ji just to get attention in the show. She told her about Anup ji's claim that they only had a student-teacher relationship. Jasleen then justified herself and said that she didn't fake it and why would any girl want to fake such a relationship. "I've no idea why Anup Ji is acting or behaving this way now. Maybe he's conscious of his image in front of the world, but I didn't fake this relationship."

4. Aditya Narayan Came On Stage

To lighten the mood, singer Aditya Narayan came for a visit and sang Ek Hazaro meh meri behena hai for the contestants. Salman dedicated the song to Sreesanth and made fun of his habit of calling every woman in this house his sister. Salman announced the nine nominees in the house and made four contestants safe, who were Sreesanth, Karanvir, Srishty and Dipika.

5. Comedian Bharti Celebrated Karva Chauth With Salman

Comedian Bharti Singh came to the stage with a thaali of food and juice and celebrated Karva Chauth with Salman. She dressed up for the occasion and told Salman she hasn't eaten anything for days. She did her pooja and broke her fast, which she had kept for Salman as Aditya sang a song. 

Episode 49, Sunday

1. Bharti And Salman Danced To Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Bharti came to the stage yet again to perform a romantic dance with Salman Khan. They danced to Salman Khan's song, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Bharti totally rocked the show with the performance.

2. Salman Khan Introduced The Diwali Task

Salman Khan introduced a Diwali task, where the contestants had to give a crown to a contestant who they think has brought life into the Bigg Boss house and a sweet to someone who has spread darkness. Romil crowned Jasleen, calling her out to be someone who bitches about people, while he gave a sweet to Surbhi. Surbhi gave the crown to Karanvir and said that he always says things that are hurtful and gave a sweet to Romil. Jasleen and Karanvir started arguing and Salman said, "Diwali ke patakke shuru hogaye."

3. Bharti Made Fun Of Deepak For Hitting On Somi

Bringing out Deepak's history with Somi, Bharti joked about him and Somi. She told them to come forward and asked Deepak to say 'I love you' to Somi, holding her hand. Later when they went back, Bharti asked Somi, "Which hand did he hold, right or left? Whichever he held, make sure you dip it in water for two hours."

4. Aditya And Bharti Entered The House

Aditya and Bharti came bearing gifts for everyone that were sent by contestants family members but they had to first perform a task to get the gifts. Everyone got different tasks from Bharti and Aditya. Srishty, Rohit, Shivashish and Jasleen performed a dancing game where the guys had to pick up the girls and dance. Whereas Deepak and Somi had to sing to each other. Later, Aditya sang for Somi and she went head over heels for the singer. Karanvir and Sreesanth were challenged to an arm wrestling match, and Karanvir won. The last competition was between Dipika and Urvashi to make ladoos and to eat them and Dipika won.

5. Urvashi Got Evicted

Salman brought us back to nominations and said that the gharwales must not be expecting an eviction since it is Diwali. But sadly, there was a nomination and it happened the same way as last week where the housemates were told to tell reasons why the nominated contestants should get evicted. Everyone voted for Urvashi and Salman soon announced that Urvashi had to leave the house. Urvashi packed her luggage and broke down as she left the house.

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