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Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode 68 & 69: Rohit & Karanvir Go Shirtless!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode 68 & 69: Rohit & Karanvir Go Shirtless!

The Weekend Ka Vaar episodes bring Salman Khan to the screen and he comes with ammunition against everyone. The contestants dread Salman's scrutiny more than the eviction because there is no mercy on the weekends. 

This entire week, there were multiple fights that created a gloomy atmosphere in the house. Deepak and Megha's fight turned ugly and she ended up spitting and throwing a shoe at him. Then, Rohit stole a can from Bigg Boss' fridge and was sent to jail. Jasleen and Somi's argument almost created a divide in the house. So of course, everything was discussed when Bhai came for a visit.

In case you missed on who all got schooled by Salman and who got evicted this weekend, we have the highlights for you. Read on to find out!

Salman Sensed Tension Between Karanvir & Dipika 

Karanvir and Dipika have been cold with each other for the past few days. Salman tried to understand what went wrong between them. Dipika indirectly said that she couldn't fully trust Karanvir, while he said that Dipika wasn't very open about what she felt. Salman asked Surbhi what she thought about this and she said that she noticed that when Sreesanth behaved badly with Dipika, she went to Karanvir and when Sreesanth was good to her, Karanvir didn't matter for Dipika.

Salman Pulled Deepak For Misbehaving With Megha

Salman bashed Deepak for his misbehaviour and the language he used with Megha. Salman told him that he cannot comment on the character of the women of the house. Salman told him that the phrase 'chaal chalan' he used for Megha was wrong. Deepak defended himself by saying that his intention was not to comment on Megha's character and he just said that word indicating Megha's behaviour. Salman told him that his overall behaviour is very irritating and he should think before doing or saying something.

Salman Gave Megha A Piece Of His Mind

Megha was also questioned by Salman for being rude and showing the world such a negative side of her. Salman told her that he had failed as a host because he told her last weekend that she is not visible inside the house, which he thought must have forced her to show her aggressive side. He reminded her that she had won Bigg Boss Marathi and that she should not destroy her reputation by throwing her shoe and spitting at a co-contestant.

Karanvir & Rohit Went Shirtless

Bigg Boss invited some popular TV celebs to interact with contestants in the house. Surbhi Jyoti, Pearl Puri, Anita Hassanandani, Kamya Punjabi, Harshad Chopda and Shivin Narang joined the housemates in the garden area where a pageant show was organised by Bigg Boss. Karanvir and Rohit danced to Desi Boyz and also went shirtless to flaunt their chiselled bodies.

Srishty Got Evicted

Salman announced that Srishty had received the least number of votes. She got eliminated from the show and Karanvir started crying.

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