Reasons Hermione Granger Is The Badass Hero My Childhood Needed!

Reasons Hermione Granger Is The Badass Hero My Childhood Needed!

I was only 12 when I stumbled into the world of Harry Potter, even though it had released 7 years prior to that. While, it was an accident, it was one that completely changed my life. I know I speak for a generation of Potterheads when I say that we learnt a lot about life, love and friendship from Harry and his world.

But even more than Harry, someone I truly admired all throughout was Hermione Granger. She was the badass woman I wanted to grow up as. Proving time and again that women can be a lot of things at the same time and there’s nothing we cannot do or have. Yesterday, on her birthday, I actually got thinking about how she became a role model for me and so many more! If you don’t agree with me, read on to find out why!

1. She’s the smartest!

She’s the ‘brightest witch of her age’ and there are no two ways about it. All professors waste no time in telling her that, even Professor Snape when he calls her a ‘Miss Know-It-All’. This reputation is not built on luck or by being a teacher’s pet but on sheer hard work and talent! After all, she single handedly figured out the secret of ‘The Chamber of Secrets’.

2. She stands up for herself

She hates being taken for granted and her comebacks are so sassy, nobody dares to mess with her! Remember the time she attended Yule Ball with Viktor Freakin’ Krum and “just because it’s taken you three years to notice, Ron, doesn’t mean no one else has spotted I’m a girl!” was the perfect response to the guy who had kept her as his last option! Also, not to forget that punch she lands in Malfoy’s face!

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3. She makes the ultimate sacrifice

Who else would’ve gone and erased their parents memories for the greater good, before embarking on the journey to find remaining horcruxes with Harry and Ron. Tell me how many people have that kind of courage and emotional strength?

6 hermione granger

4. She’s a true feminist

She’s known to shut down people when they’re being disrespectful to women and her gender. With lines like “Oh I see, so basically, you’re going to take the best-looking girl who’ll have you, even if she’s completely horrible?”, “The truth is that you don’t think a girl would have been clever enough!” and “Harry caught the fish and I did my best with it! I notice I’m always the one who ends up sorting out the food, because I’m a girl, I suppose!”, she’s proved that she’s a true blue feminist. #Girlboss goals right there!  

5. She believes in people

Just like Dumbledore, she believes in the best of people until they choose to prove otherwise. Eve when Harry has his doubts about Dumbledore, she chooses to trust his actions instead of his past. And agrees to help Hagrid out with Grawp even though it is a difficult task!

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6. She’s loyal to a fault

Remember when she’s the first one to figure out that Professor Lupin is a werewolf but still decides to keep it to herself and protects his secret even from her best friends? Now that is what you call loyalty! Even when Ron decided to desert them, she stuck with Harry, until the very end!

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7. She’s an activist

We all knew and made fun of SPEW just like Ron and Harry did, but as a grown up, I now realise how difficult but important it is to stand for a cause that’s close to your heart. While your loved ones may not see or support you in your fight, it shouldn’t stop you from fighting through!

8. She’s proud of herself

From her wild hair to her teeth to her opinions, she’s unabashedly herself at all times and proud of it! Her “I’m a mudblood! Mudblood, and proud of it!” has to be one of the best things about the books, ever. Hermione Granger, teaching young girls to embrace themselves since 1997!

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9. She’s a badass

She’s a total, TOTAL badass. While she has a reputation for being a nerd, she’s proved time and again that she’s not averse to breaking rules and whenever she does, she does it in style! Remember the time she used the time turner to save Sirius Black and Buckbeak (totally illegal though!) or how she walked out of Divination because she did not believe in it. Let’s not forget that Dumbledore’s Army was her idea! Cheers to your courage, Miss Granger!

9 hermione granger

10. Haters are never her problem

She’s never let haters stop her from doing her thing! “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.” is also something she taught us really early on in our lives. We’re forever grateful for that!

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