Let’s Answer The Mane Question: Can I Use A Flat Iron On Wet Hair?

Let’s Answer The Mane Question: Can I Use A Flat Iron On Wet Hair?

Raise your hands if you rushed out of your home today cause you were running late...again!

*raises both hands and legs*

I cannot recall how many times, in this month alone, I’ve rushed out of my home with my half-done face of makeup and damp hair. While I can totally do my makeup in a moving car, styling my hair is something I struggle with. If I don’t run a flatiron through my hair in the morning, let’s just say that it looks like a chidhiya ka ghosla. Not everyone has a hairdryer lying around, right? Which made me think, “Can I use a straightener on my damp hair to dry it quickly?”

Well, the answer is…

Do NOT Use A Hair Straightener On Wet Hair

Unless you hate your hair more than your ex, of course. Using a hair straightener on wet hair will (eventually)  fry your locks. Unlike your hairdryers, a hair straightener applies heat directly to your mane at a much higher temperature - which results in hair damage and breakage.

Don’t believe us, check out this video below.

Yes, it may not ruin the quality of your hair immediately, with time, we assure you that you’ll be left with dry, split and frizzy hair. IMO the *chirr chirr* noise is enough to scare me for a lifetime! You may think that the water may *prevent* your hair from getting burnt or fired but it’s actually not true. The water itself will harm your hair once it comes in contact with those hot plates. You can always rely on your hairdryer to fix your hair in the AM, but this damp hair fix - is a BIG no from me (and everyone else on this planet).

So, How Exactly To Dry Your Wet Mane Quickly?

- Air-dry it. (Unless you’re going for an auto ride).
- Use an old t-shirt to drip out the excess water, this is better than using a towel because it will also beat frizz. 
- Use a hair serum to smoothen, cut frizz and add shine. It will also act as a heat protectant.
- Use a hairdryer with a blow-drying brush or a paddle brush. It takes longer, but at least it minimizes heat damage. If you have curly hair, the diffuser attachment will be your best friend. 
- When washing and drying your hair, keep squeezing water from your hair. But remember to do it gently, you’re not wringing clothes!

So the moral of the story is unless you want the hair police to come knocking at your door (or have hair *more dead* than your social life), steer clear from using any type of extreme heat styling products on wet hair!

Well, that straightens things out, right?

Featured Image: Instagram, YouTube