#BeautyBasics: Here's Why You Need A Duo-Fibre Stippling Brush In Your Life

#BeautyBasics: Here's Why You Need A Duo-Fibre Stippling Brush In Your Life

Ask anybody who loves to wear makeup on a regular basis and they'd ask you to invest in a trusty beauty blender sponge to apply your foundation. That egg-shaped sponge has quickly made it's way to all of our makeup kits and hearts. But most of us don't know is how to finish off our base like the pros. Have you ever seen celebrities or makeup artists blending? Yep, that shit requires serious elbow grease.


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While we're not asking you to spend 1 hour blending everything, we're giving you an EASY HACK that will take your makeup blending skills from 0-100 in under 60 seconds! Don't believe us? Keep reading!

A duo-fibre, stippling brush is your (best) blending friend. The brush has two lengths of brush hair that work together to BLEND everything together. Look for a less densely packed brush for this. So how to get that blend right you wonder?


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Once you're done with your foundation, contour, blush, highlight and bronzing routine... take a clean duo-fibre stippling brush and move it in small circular strokes around your entire face. This final blending touch takes away any harsh lines from the contour and blush while tying together all the colours and textures. You'll be left with airbrushed skin IRL and it won't take you more than 2 minutes to do your entire face! 

Check out The PAC Foundation Brush - 304 (Rs 725) or the Pro Arte Duo Polishing Brush (Rs 650) if you're looking to give your beauty toolkit an upgrade

Psst: You can use the brush to apply your foundation and blush too. It applies a gorgeous light layer of foundation to your face for the most natural looking finish. I use a duo-fibre stippling brush to apply my blush too. It's a great idea to keep 2 of these in your kit. One for the last final blend and one for things like foundation and blush!

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