'I Had No Money When Tahira Agreed To Marry Me' - Ayushmann Khurrana's Adorable Love Story!

'I Had No Money When Tahira Agreed To Marry Me' - Ayushmann Khurrana's Adorable Love Story!

Ever heard of a Bollywood actor falling in love with a girl in his tuition class in real life?! No, right?! To our surprise, our very talented Punjabi munda, Ayushmann Khurrana and his gorgeous wife, Tahira Kashyap have one such love story to narrate.    

The Vicky Donor actor and Tahira have known each other for 12 long years and have been happily married for eight years now. Not only that, they are the proud parents of two very cute kids, Virajveer and Varushka. Here's their beautiful journey from childhood sweethearts to soul mates. 

Ayushmann and Tahira belong to Chandigarh and it all started when they were in class 12th and attended the same Physics tuition class. 

This is what Tahira has to say about the first time they met. 


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"When I first met Ayushmann, I thought his name was Abhishek. Both me and my friend had a crush on him, but outwardly ignored him throughout the year. I later discovered that he also had a crush on me."

Interestingly, Ayushmann was even more surprised to know that Tahira had a crush on him.

Ayushmann never ever thought Tahira would have a crush on him. To his surprise...

"There were so many good looking guys in the class! I was nowhere close to them. So, when someone told me that Tahira had a crush on me, I was on cloud nine. The girl, who every guy had a crush on, had a crush on me! It seemed impossible but I was damn happy."

When their parents played cupid over a family dinner


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It was when Ayushmann's parents invited Tahira and her family for dinner that she fell for him. Tahira always had this impression of him being a cute guy but that night, Ayushmann impressed her with his charm, wit and of course, his voice.

They both did their Masters in Mass Communication from Punjab University. From competing against each other in debates to sharing the same interest for theatre and drama, they both were somewhere on the same page. 

That dream proposal


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There was a time when Tahira lost all hopes of getting married to Ayushmann because she knew her father wouldn't agree for her to marry a struggling actor. But she still stood by him like a rock and couldn't refuse when he proposed. 

"He did it like a gentleman with a ring, music playing in the background, red roses, wine and a romantic candlelight dinner," she shared.  

How Tahira stuck with him through his testing times


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When the two tied the knot in 2011, Ayushmann had no money and Tahira was doing better than him professionally. She was a professor, had her own PR firm in Chandigarh and was also the programming head of a radio station in Punjab. The actor shared how his wife married him just for love. 

"She was gutsy enough to marry a man just for love and have faith in his talent. She supported me in every possible way. I was a struggling actor, which is often a gamble. But there was never any ego between us. When there's love, there's no scope for ego. Most men in India aren't secure enough to be comfortable with such an arrangement. It comes with the family." 

There were tough times ahead


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Things weren't so easy for the couple even after marriage as they were in a long distance relationship. While Ayushmann was busy working in Mumbai, Tahira was working in Chandigarh. But then Vicky Donor happened and that was it!  

A marriage so strong is pure goals. And Ayushmann thinks winning his lady love is an achievement he is going to cherish all his life.

"It is one of my achievements that I am married to her. It is difficult to find a girl like her. She has been with me through thick and thin. She was a pillar of support during my struggling days. She is more mature than I am. I am still childish. I value her advice."

And for Tahira, he is the best companion ever.

"As a husband, Ayush is a much better person than the guy I was dating. He is an amazing human being and I love him for his sound character- which is not just reflected in him as a husband, but also as an employee, employer, friend, son, brother, son-in-law... He makes the best companion I could ever ask for." 

Here's wishing these two many more years of togetherness and love. Cheers!

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