Kerala Groom Screams 'I Love You, Elena' At His Wedding & The Internet Erupts Into Cheers!

Kerala Groom Screams 'I Love You, Elena' At His Wedding & The Internet Erupts Into Cheers!

Good news is a rarity these days; the papers and the internet is filled with crimes, terror or sadness. But whenever a happy news break through the clouds like a ray of sunshine, it makes us hang on to belief that there's so much to be happy about. I recently came across this adorable video clip on Twitter about an Indian Naval officer tying the knot in Kerala and it's all about love that fills the heart. 

Twitter users Sandy Thapar and Binosh Alex Bruce posted videos of the groom's batchmates having a ball at his wedding. Here, take a look!

Looks like so much fun, right? The video begins with an officer addressing the newlyweds by their names, Lieutenant and Elena Vargis. The couple then receives a traditional salute from the Navy officers and finally, the masti begins!

To walk through the aisle with sword-holding men on each side, the groom had to complete a bunch of tasks. The very first task was 20 high jumps (which he nailed). The second one was a breather - to give the bride a hug and dance with her. The third one, however, didn't just take the cake, but the whole bakery! He wasn't just commanded to do 10 push-ups, but also to shout "I love you, Elena!" while he was doing it! The video is gold...

My, oh, my, just look how sweetly his bride is blushing! The next task the officer had to kiss the bride (which he did in a heartbeat). And finally, the last task was to carry the bride! Everyone screamed with joy when he did. 

I don't know about you, but these clips made my day! They make me believe that true love and happiness exist. Also, my heartiest congratulations to the bride and groom. I'm rooting for you two!

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