#ConfessionsOfABeautyJunkie: Here's How Long It Takes Me To Get Ready Every Morning!

#ConfessionsOfABeautyJunkie: Here's How Long It Takes Me To Get Ready Every Morning!

If anyone of you reading this personally knows me, you will definitely know that I'm not a morning person. And that I'm a hoarder. And that my dresser is overflowing with makeup. That being said, I'm also always running late. Among the many questions people ask me, "How long does it take you to get ready?" tops the charts. If there's one thing I never leave home without - it's a little makeup.

My co-workers and friends are constantly asking me whether I was late because I spent too much time getting my game face on. When I say "10 minutes tops", seldom does anybody believe me. I had to leave for a work event today, so I needed to look extra polished. I thought of timing myself and seeing how it really took me to get ready.

Curious? Keep scrolling!

Here's what I looked like today morning after getting ready and it took me...

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First 5 minutes:

I always start my morning routine by using a roll-on deodorant. While that sinks in, I use a serum to hydrate my skin, brush my hair and then apply sunscreen. Next and last up in the morning routine is concealer. I have inherent panda eyes so unless I apply a little bit of concealer I always look tired. Once that's done I apply kohl and then apply my mascara. A little lipstick and I'm ready to bounce. 

Since I was going for an event today, I decided to put on foundation and highlighter too! But how do you do SO much makeup if you're a lazy, perpetually late person? 

Next 5 minutes: 

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I mix in liquid highlighter with foundation and quickly blended it all over my face with my beauty blender. A light dusting of setting powder under my eyes and along my T-zone is enough to keep my face shine-free all day. Swipe on some blush if you have the time. The highlighter mixed in with foundation makes your skin look radiant and glowy!

If you keep your morning routine to only sunscreen and concealer, believe me, you can be ready in under 5 minutes and still arrive looking drop-dead-gorgeous.

Hack 1: Skip everything else, use only sunscreen.
Hack 2: Skip foundation, just use a concealer on areas where you really need it and set it with loose powder.
Hack 3: Do your makeup in the car! If you've ever seen a crazy girl driving and applying concealer or lipstick at every red light - that's probably me. Give me a shoutout next time you see me! 

5 products that can take me from 0-100 in under 5 minutes: Concealer, Powder Compact, Mascara, Lipstick and beauty blender.

Mascara doubles up as brow gel and your powder compact can be a setting powder and can also add coverage to your face while minimizing shine too.

So there you have it, secrets to looking gorgeous in under 5 minutes from a beauty junkie!

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