The Oscar Swag Bag Will Put Your Fave Koffee Hamper To Shame! Here's Everything Inside It

The Oscar Swag Bag Will Put Your Fave Koffee Hamper To Shame! Here's Everything Inside It

It is an honour for any artist in the film industry to be nominated for the Academy Awards, and taking the 24-karat gold-plated statuette home is something every actor dreams of. The Oscars 2020 is just around the corner and we are all rooting for our favourite celebs and films to bag the awards. But did you know about Oscars’ unofficial tradition of gifting all the nominees a 'swag bag' ahead of the awards ceremony?

Well, it’s an annual tradition of giving a gift bag to all the nominated artists and this year’s awards, which are scheduled to take place on February 9, are no different.

We’ve loved Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan hamper since forever but the one at Oscars is going to literally blow your mind. The entertainment marketing company, Distinctive Assets, will distribute ‘Everyone Wins’ Oscars gift bags to all the 24 nominees and this year’s gifts are worth over $100,000 (Rs 72 lakh approx). Yes, you read that right!

The agency which has been producing these extravagant swag bags keeps on delivering them in the week leading to the Oscars and they are as luxurious as you can imagine. Read on to know what all is there in this hundred thousand dollar worth bag!

What's In The $100,000 Worth Swag Bag?

You will be amazed!

A 12-day all-inclusive cruise to Antarctica

This cruise by Scenic Eclipse, which is worth over $78,000 (Rs 55,57,227), takes 200 guests on a 12-day trip to Antarctica. It has a 'spa sanctuary', eight restaurants, two helicopters and a submarine too. Can it get better than that? Spoiler alert - totally!

A 24-karat gold vape pen

The Hollowtips vape pen has a 24-karat gold finish and it is inhale-activated, which is the best part! You don't have to learn any controls as simply inhaling the device will begin vapour production.

Cannabis-infused chocolates

Chocolates with marijuana in them? Well, Oscars is taking 'go green' to a whole new level of high. Pun intended!

A 24-karat gold Royal Chakra Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is made of vegan coconut milk and purple Brazilian clay. When it sounds so luxe, imagine how rich it'll feel to sit in the tub with it!

A romantic stay at an active lighthouse in Spain

The Faro Cumplida is an active lighthouse and has three private suites that can host up to eight guests. Could it be any more romantic?

Up to $25,000 worth of treatments and rejuvenation procedures

The procedures involve chemical peels, injectables, Botox and laser skin resurfacing. Sure, celebrities need these like all the time.

Brain sensing band

The headband is a personal meditation assistant that senses the mental activity of the wearer and guides breathing by translating the mood into weather sounds. Fancy pants!

18-karat gold necklace

Did you know the Luniara star lariat necklace is assembled by disabled veterans? Isn't it cool!

A one-year membership to a British matchmaking agency

The one-year membership to a well-known British matchmaking agency, Drawing To The Moon, includes date coaching and introductions to other members. Sure some of the nominees could put it to good use!

A custom-stained glass portrait

The bag also includes a custom-stained glass portrait for each nominee by the famous artist John Thoman. He has created portraits of celebrities like Ellen Degeneres in the past. How cool would it be to have your own glass portrait, let alone by a famous artist no?!

A five-night stay at the Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel

Located just steps away from the Waikiki beach, this hotel also provides art exhibits and poolside yoga. This one has 'me' written all over it!

10 personal training sessions by Alexis Seletzky

Ranging from strength conditioning to nutrition counselling, Alexis Seletzky is one of the most famous personal trainers in Los Angeles, the USA. Not that any of these good lookin' stars need further training.

A smart bra


The Soma smart-fit bra is something that measures a woman for the perfect fit.  

Some of the other things in the bag

  • Custom-designed bullet-resistant security doors
  • Luxury car fragrances
  • A gold and silver ‘moon bracelet’
  • A one-year membership with LiveItUp, which is a service that sends life skills through texts from experts in the field of wellness, mindfulness and financial health
  • Hydrogen-infused water
  • Sleep essentials gift set
  • A spa kit for oral care
  • Handmade luxury eyelashes
  • A. Juno Absinthe
  • Forte Medical Urine collection system

OMG! The list just goes on and on. Trust us, this is not even half of the goodness that's in that swag bag. The agency said that the whole idea behind this gift bag is to not give based on need but to honour the talented artists for their incredible performances. And what an off-beat way to do that, might I say!

Sorry KJo, we have a new favourite goodie bag!

Featured Image: Instagram