Sonam & Anand Are Meant To Be: A Tarot Card Reader Reveals!

Sonam & Anand Are Meant To Be: A Tarot Card Reader Reveals!

Bollywood's favourite muse, Sonam Kapoor is all set to get married to her Prince Charming, Anand Ahuja tomorrow and our excitement knows no bounds. One look at this amazing couple and we just knew that these two are made for each other. But to get a better perspective, we asked celebrated Tarot Reader, Manasi Raina, to do a compatibility analysis of the couple. Here's what she had to say.  

While analyzing the dates of birth for Anand and Sonam, one can see that they are beautifully in sync. Looking at their zodiac sign one can see that Anand is a Fire Element and Sonam is an Air Element. Fire and Air are mutually compatible as the element of Air enhances or supports the Fire. This implies that temperamentally, Sonam and Anand will have a dynamic and inspiring effects on each other provided they stay receptive to each other. This good looking couple definitely has a strong love quotient and a solid chemistry. They both share their ambitious aspirations and are rooted in family values which gives them a solid foundation.

While analyzing Sonam's date of birth, Number 9 lends her strong and self reliant personality. She is fearless and wise in her expression and would usually present a logical argument for something she believes in. She has a stand alone spirit and will be a resilient and reliable partner. Her Soul Path Number being 2 also lends her great intuitive intelligence and this quality shall help make a great team with her beau in the capacity of being a spiritual advisor in daily affairs and business matters. The Feminine energy of the divine number 2 will allow her to resolve life with wisdom and compassion. Her strong feminine shakti energy shall be requiring a strong supportive partner for her to blossom and grow.

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While Analyzing Anand's date of birth, Number 2 as his day birth, allows Anand to be charming and creative in his expression. The number 3 lends him great communication skills and which is great skill for a happy marriage. Number 4 being Anand's Soul Path number says that he may have strong and clear values. He is definitely a formidable force professionally and has immense strength while standing up for what he believes in. Number 4 are very responsible and passionate people at the same time. In Sonam's union with Anand, her number 2 will be able to soften and absorb the fire energy of the 4. Considering they are both strong minded they will have to ride any difficult moments with care and compassion for the other's point of view.

Reading their energy it is visible that is an active and energetic couple and they will have many interests in common which is a good thing for a long and happy marriage. This couple will enjoy great conversation and healthy arguments alike. Mutual respect and a strong chemistry binds them together and shall help them accept the other's difference of opinion. Their union seems to benefit friends and family alike as they are a great support systems to others who are connected to them.

As per Tarot, Sonam and Anand's relationship is like the union of great friends who are deeply in love with each other says the 6 of cups. They have chosen each other in this lifetime to finish old unfinished soul missions. At a mental level, Sonam's inner strength lends a calming quotient to Anand. They make a great team when it will come to decisions. At a physical level, though they both high energy beings they both may have very different approaches to fitness as Anand may be athletic and Sonam may indulge in a joyful recreation as her style to fitness. They must give space to their differences. Their union is a wish come true for their souls. They must learn to coexist as an inseparable team looking in one direction towards common goals. The 7 of cups asks them not to assume things about each other. It is advisable if they openly communicate their emotional intent behind their actions. It is not advisable to jump to conclusions without thorough dialogues. The Spiritual Goddess Tarot advice for Sonam is to always listen to her intuition and listen to her heart alone in matter's regarding her soul mate Anand. The Spiritual Goddess Tarot Advice to Anand to balance his work and life so he can enjoy his forthcoming family life. Angels bless this union for sure. This is going to be an electric affair!

Manasi Raina is a celebrated Tarot Consultant, Runes Expert, Master Spirit Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist (trained by Dr Brian Weiss), International Life Transformation Coach, Heal Your Life Workshop Leader (Louise Hay philosophy) and a Columnist.

*The tarot compatibility analysis has been done following the date of birth (Anand's birthdate is 30 July, 1983 and Sonam's is 9 June, 1985)

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