5 Moments From Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan That Will Convince You To Watch The Movie!

5 Moments From Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan That Will Convince You To Watch The Movie!

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan starring Ayushmann Khurana and Jitendra Kumar is finally out in theatres. We can hardly stop thinking about the sizzling chemistry that the pair shared in the film. And while Ayushmann is at his usual best, it is Jitendra's grounded charm that has our heart in this one.  

The camaraderie that Ayushmann (Kartik Singh) and Jitendra (Aman Tripathi) share translates really well on the screen but the conviction and dignity with which it has been treated by Hitesh Kewalya deserves a special mention. Despite the comic treatment of the subject matter, the writer-director has taken great care to incorporate small, albeit touching moments of bonding between the couple that shine throughout the movie.

The execution is so flawless that there are moments in the movie where you'd find yourself genuinely rooting for the couple and all shortcomings aside, that's exactly where the film fulfils its purpose for us. Really impressed by the film's portrayal of same-sex love, we have thus compiled a list of five moments that are sure to leave you with the feels:

The DDLJ Sequence

The film opens with a DDLJesque sequence. And while, out of old habits, you might find yourself gearing up for the classic Bollywood trope, you’d be left surprised by the ease and chemistry that Ayushmann and Jitendra share in the scene. As Aman reaches out for his partner’s hand, the concern in his eyes is as apparent as the relief on Kartik’s face. 

The Bike Rides

Just like any couple in love, Aman and Kartik are shown thoroughly enjoying small, everyday moments like their bikes ride home during which they share the same pair of earphones. There is a scene at a red light where Kartik looks at the cis couple on their adjacent bike with his head lovingly nestled against Aman's shoulders. It’s a pure moment where love is love sans any judgments or comparisons.

The Much Publicised Kiss

Given the kind of hype that has been created around Ayushmann and Jitendra’s kiss in the movie, chances are that you must have heard or read about it several times by now. But does it live up to all the buildup? The answer is: Yes! There is a sequence in the film when Kartik and Aman are both travelling with the latter’s family on a train. A few moments into the scene, Kartik pulls Aman out of the crowd, tells him that it has been really long and he needs to be touched and two get into an effortless, unmediated embrace. The confluence of emotions with intensity in the scene is remarkably flawless. 

The Way Aman Looks At Kartik

Throughout the movie, no matter how mad or dejected Aman might be in a particular sequence, his face softens every time he looks at Kartik. Be it Kartik dancing away the night during a Shaadi sequence or creating a rather ballsy scene to call out homophobia, the look of admiration on Aman’s face says it all.

Aman’s Take On The Idea Of Love

Aman struggles with the idea of coming out throughout the movie. Even though Aman's father is a scientist, he gets nauseous every time he thinks of his son's homosexuality. While this was definitely unexpected from a smart, well-read, educated man, isn’t that the ugly truth of our heteronormative society? Aman is shown to be an introvert, he speaks rarely but makes really good points whenever he does. During one such sequence, as he tries to explain the idea of love to his parents in chemical terms, he calls out their hypocrisy as he tells them very explicitly: “Aapka oxytocin pyaar, hamaara oxytocin bimaari.”

While Ayushmann made it a point to reiterate that it is not one of those "message-oriented" films, Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan has managed to come out pretty well. Rest assured, we'd happily categorize it among one of those feel-good rom-coms that never fail to lift our spirits. 

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