Hated Race 3? Turns Out You're The Only One Because Here Are The Records It's Broken!

Hated Race 3? Turns Out You're The Only One Because Here Are The Records It's Broken!

We have already established the fact after Salman Khan's Kick that Salman ke baare mein zyaada mat sochna, because bhai Dil mein aata hai, samajh mein nahi!

He continues this legacy of SKF with Race 3Let's begin with dialogues like "Mere baap ne markar koi alag kaam nahi kiya, you die when you are gonna die."

In the movie Race 3, Salman Khan defies physics by firing bazookas holding them in his hand and finding a bat suit for himself that none of us can fly in.

2 race 3

And if you were hoping some logic applied by his co-stars, then you absolutely wrong. Anil Kapoor wore winter clothes in Abu Dhabi for the film. I mean HOW?

Race 3 proved that logic is a luxury and not many can afford it. Despite the nonsensical plot, unpragmatic situations, and OTT dialogues, the film has broken several records kudos to Salman Bhai fans. Read on!

1. Highest Opening Day In 2018

Salman Khan's high octane action flick raked in 29 crores on the first day itself.

2. The Second Highest Weekend Collection Of 2018 After Padmaavat

Race 3 earned 106.47 crores on the first weekend.

3. Outnumbered The Collections Of Race 1 and Race 2

Race 3's box office collection was higher than the previous two movies in the franchise.

4. The Fastest To Enter The Rs 100 Crore Club In 2018

Fourth Salman-starrer to reach the 100 crore mark and that too just in 3 days

5. The Highest Opening Weekend Grosser Worldwide

It did beat all our favourites.

1 Race 3

If you haven't had enough of Bhai, don't worry! Turns out there might be a sequel coming soon!