This Just In: A Nurse Says Having Longer Nails Puts You At A Greater Risk For Coronavirus

This Just In: A Nurse Says Having Longer Nails Puts You At A Greater Risk For Coronavirus

Cut your nails right now. I repeat. Cut. Your. Nails.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to deliver more bad news to us, experts around the world are giving us valuable COVID-19 advice on how to practise social distancing, ways to steer clear of the virus and all the precautionary measures to abide by. One of the most recent revelations comes from an Indo-Australian nurse who reveals that something as basic as having a long set of nails can make you more vulnerable to the deadly virus. Dr Neha Pathak says that keep your nails shorter as your nails can harbour germs, without you knowing.

Cut Your Nails Before It Is Too Late

Talking to a leading publication, Dr Neha revealed that you may not realize but the virus can get under your nails and harbour deadly germs. And since Coronavirus and it's fatal symptoms are still being studied very closely, it is not known how long can the virus live on your nails or skin.

Better to be safe than sorry!


It is highly recommended that 

- You keep your nails clean and short.

- Avoid biting or chewing your nails.

- If you have nail extensions, please remove them at home. Here's how you can do that.

- The virus can also hide in your chipped nail polish or cracked nails, so make sure you take of it.

When washing your hands, make sure you're cleaning your nails too. Add 2-3 drops of an antiseptic liquid in a mug and dip your hands for a minute and kill germs. Here's how you should wash your hands, minus the water running.

As more and more cases are being discovered every day, we have to act responsibly and be careful. Not just for yourself, but for the people around you. The best way is to stay home, stay safe. Work from home, keep yourself busy, watch makeup tutorials, lend out a helping hand to your mother (or your tired roomie), practice skincare- just don’t go out.

So ladies, while looking at those perfectly manicured long nails might make you feel better, the risk of getting sick is definitely not worth it. 

What are you waiting for? Go grab a nail cutter!

Featured Image: Instagram, YouTube