This Husband Surprised His Wife With A Harry Potter–Themed Sangeet & It's *Magical*

This Husband Surprised His Wife With A Harry Potter–Themed Sangeet & It's *Magical*

The things men do for their women! Meet Arun Prakash who surprised his fiance Roshna with a Harry Potter themed sangeet! 

The US-based couple met in Chicago two years back and tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony on the 30th of October, 2017. However, the highlight of their wedding celebrations was the Harry Potter themed sangeet. In a blog dedicated to their wedding, Arun shared all that went into putting the decor together. "Considering that my fiancee is a Potterhead, I thought to surprise her with a Harry Potter themed sangeet. My parents were as excited as I was and they also wanted to welcome their future daughter-in-law in a special way," he shared. 

And so it begins...




Hanging candles and glittery keys leading to an oath that says ALWAYS... Now that's exactly what an entrance should look like!


Because every magical journey begins aboard the Hogwarts Express!


Your love makes me fly high, just like the Weasley's car did!


The prisoners of love... forever and ALWAYS!



And they're sorted into their houses, and it's Gryffindor for both the lovebirds!

Arun also shared, "When we decided to go with the Harry Potter theme, we also wanted this to look majestic, elegant, beautiful and entertaining for the non-Harry Potter fans who would come to the wedding. So, we kept little mason jars filled with family photos and some Harry Potter themed props and photos for the others to enjoy."

Keeping that in mind, the amazing event planners Elegant Weddings put out a lot of cool Harry Potter themed props at the venue. They must have been a great surprise for all Potterheads among family and guests, but even the ones who were not huge fans of the wizard series enjoyed the unique decor.



Golden snitches all around... you can even pop a couple of them in your mouth!


Harry Potter themed cupcakes!!! We want them all!


We bet these are all 'love potions' in disguise!


The Triwizard Cup disguised as a portkey was there too!


The Mauderer's Map... oooh!


How can we forget our dearest Dobby when doing anything Harry Potter related!

If you're thinking that the extent of the Harry Potter craziness was limited to the sangeet hall, then you're in for a surprise. It went all the way to the washrooms!


Moaning Myrtle and the secret getaways to the Ministry of Magic... such memories!


Also, all the guests who came in as Muggles (if you know what we mean!) went away with a gift from the wizarding world - a wand from Olivander's!



Only someone who is a true blue Harry Potter fan can understand how exciting and special all this must have been for the lucky bride, Roshna! Congratulations to the amazing couple!

Images: Eden Studios