This Hack On Making Cheap False Lashes Look High-End Has Over 4 Million Views!

This Hack On Making Cheap False Lashes Look High-End Has Over 4 Million Views!

If you've ever gotten lash extensions done you know how addicting they can be. The only downside to having flirty eyelashes is the sheer cost of their upkeep. A good set of lash extensions from a reputed salon costs anywhere between Rs. 5,000 - 7,000. The saddest part of the lash extension process though is watching them fall out. Don't worry you don't need to spend a fortune to have fluttery lashes. There are always false eyelashes to add that can add just as much drama to your eyes. You don't have to spend a fortune buying wispy lashes, you can convert the cheapest most affordable falsies into wispy, fluttery lashes. Sorry, Huda, we LOVE your lashes, but I love my money too. *wink*

This super easy hack makes false eyelashes look super natural, fluttery and just like lash extensions! All you need is a clean spoolie and some patience. This hack can literally convert any pair of false eyelashes into a stunning fluttery set. 

Are you questioning all those times you decided to spend a fortune on a set of lash extensions or even a really dramatic pair of false eyelashes? Yep, we too. No wonder this video has over 4 million views! 


Take the spoolie and rub it across your falsies in a sawing motion. Pretend like you're trying to cut something, move your hand forward and backwards. If you were worried your falsies actually look plasticky and fake, this spoolie trick will make sure they look real.

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That's all folks. Doe-eyed and bushy tailed, just like that! Go on, flutter and flirt your way through life now.

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