‘I Realised She Was *The One* When…’ 7 Guys Share!

‘I Realised She Was *The One* When…’ 7 Guys Share!

Sometimes we meet a guy who jumps up saying: ‘As soon as I caught sight of you, I just knew you were the one...’ But sometimes, you don’t really know what was that one moment when he realized that you are his forever person. So find out what are the moments when a guy actually falls for a girl… Read these adorable stories and we’re sure they’ll make you go aww.

1. Pizza always scores!


2. We have all grown up hearing ‘Love is friendship’, haven’t we?


3. Everyone loves Harry Potter, right?


4. When she loves what you love…you know she’s the one!


5. Because ‘spooning’ is so mainstream!


6. A smile always does wonders… *Heart*

6 she was the one

7. This is a proposal you can’t turn down!

7 she was the one You can read the full thread here on Whisper. These men are so lucky to have found their soulmates! Images: Whisper