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The Gender-Swap Filter Helped A Man Get 100 Right Swipes In 20 Minutes On A Dating App

The Gender-Swap Filter Helped A Man Get 100 Right Swipes In 20 Minutes On A Dating App

Ever wondered what you'd look like if you were born as the opposite sex? Well, technology has put even this dilemma to rest. Snapchat's new Augmented Reality (AR) gender-swap face filter has thrown the internet into a tizzy as users are reimagining themselves as the opposite sex. In some cases, the AR filter made images so realistic that it was difficult to tell which image is real and which is AR.

This magical filter on Snapchat either turns you into a man with facial hair and a well-defined jaw or into a woman with completely delicate features, long hair and a slender neck.

1 gender swap snapchat filter

A 24-year-old boy from Los Angeles posted his gender-swapped selfie on a dating app and got astounding results. Troy Sey initially shared his swapped selfie with friends as a joke, but he was surprised by how much attention his 'transformed picture' received.

2 gender swap snapchat filter

Trey named his female counterpart 'Tracy' and got a 100 swipes in a short span of just 20 minutes on the dating app. He also wrote 'Compliment me for a surprise' in his bio and his DM was swarming with messages from the interested suitors. Look at these comments from men who were trying their luck with Trey... Oops! We mean, Tracy!

3 gender swap snapchat filter

When Trey was asked how he felt about this sudden outpouring love from strangers, he joked and said, "It kinda made me wish I was Tracy instead of Trey. I honestly thought it was obvious that I was a guy using the gender-swap filter, but to my surprise, I got so many genuine compliments. I’ve learned that if you put a bio up on Tinder like I did, guys will ignore all red flags for some potential 'surprises'."

4 gender swap snapchat filter

5 gender swap snapchat filter

However, after the 'great reveal', a large number of people unmatched Trey on the dating app once they realised they'd been played. Trey, in fact, claimed that this incident helped him realise what women go through on dating apps: "I've made a few longtime friends because of (the app), whereas using it as Tracy, I can tell I won't be getting any of that. Just a whole bunch of dudes trying to get into my pants. I always knew it was happening, but it's pretty eye-opening experiencing it firsthand."

Well, someone got a little perspective. Guess this new social media trend wasn't that silly after all!

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Not just men, but women have also had weird experiences with this new filter. Check out this hilarious video of a model on Twitter who spooked out her own boyfriend!

Source: Twitter

There have been a ton of hilarious swapped images that have gone viral. Even celebrities have been influenced by this new fad. Miley Cyrus posted her own gender-swap photo in which she looking like her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. LOL!

6 gender swap snapchat filter

Given how extremely effective it is at its job, Snapchat’s new filter is more than just silly fun! It has evolved into a social experiment of sorts.

Images: Twitter, Instagram

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