I Tried To Chug, Chug, Chug India’s First ‘Female Beer’ & Here’s What Happened

I Tried To Chug, Chug, Chug India’s First ‘Female Beer’ & Here’s What Happened

I can happily say I am an avid beer drinker. Although we live in a lager land, I try to explore and taste as many craft beers as I can. And the reason I love beer is plain and simple-it reminds me of two things, beer-burp-a-thons with friends, the fact that you can drink it with any meal and any time of the day is good for a chug. 

And, I have seen women drinking more beer than ever, choosing pints over wine, or any other drink for that matter. I know for a fact that beer is not gender-neutral. So, ladies (all of you, not just the ones who drink beer) what would you say if someone offers you a glass of India’s first female bear? Wait, WHAT? Did you just say, female beer? Is that even a thing? Yes, read on to enlighten yourself!

A Gurugram pub, Ardor 29, recently launched ‘female beer’. And no, they didn’t stop at launching this gendered drink. They also claim that this beer will supposedly show a woman her “tigress identity” and she will be able to “sulk down any tiger”. Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, I certainly was and that’s why I decided to give it a try.

Last evening, I parked myself at the corner table at Ardor 29 and ordered a glass of the female beer. The drink named as, ‘Summer beer (India’s First Female Beer)’ features under the list of Vellapanti cocktails on the menu. And the best part is that if you guess the ingredients of this drink, you get an extra 15% discount. I did try after the first two-three sips. No luck, though. But I did get a free shot (more on that later)!

According to a few media reports that I read, the makers of this eye-roll-inducing idea innovated this drink because women don’t like the bitter taste of a regular beer. However, the makers of this “beer that is perf for the pretty ladies too” is made of Belgian wheat beer and some “secret ingredients,” probably didn’t know that wheat beer is already light in flavour. And wheat beers already have a distinctively silky mouthfeel and that’s why they make for perfect summer beers. So, what’s the need to make it even more “super smooth and less stronger”?

Well, I have to say, the beer lover in me was offended by the taste of this drink. 

Take a look at the design of the glass in which this sweet, half-beer-half-tasting-like-rasna drink is served!

Doesn’t that look like menstrual cup inside the glass?

Now, here’s a screenshot of the advertisement that was posted on the pub’s Facebook page. After Tweeple started criticising it, the picture and the larger-than-life description of the drink was taken down by the brand. But, we found it on Twitter. Read on, the description will surely tickle your funny bone. Thank us later!

Here’s How Twitter Reacted To This Beer


Well, my evening did have a happy ending. I told the server that I didn't like the beer at all. The result--the courteous manager came to my table and served us two free Kamikaze shots. Loved the gesture but nothing can make get over the hideous taste of India's first 'female beer'.

BRB, going to chug a pint of refreshingly smooth, ‘strong’ beer!

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