Honest Punjabi Wedding Featuring Ismeet Kohli & Gursimran Khamba As The Bride & Groom!

Honest Punjabi Wedding Featuring Ismeet Kohli & Gursimran Khamba As The Bride & Groom!

Social media went into a crazy frenzy when All India Bakchod’s co-founder, Gursimran Khamba tied the knot with girlfriend Ismeet Kohli. With Instagram becoming more important than food sometimes, there is nothing that goes unnoticed by netizens these days. Who remembers the uber-famous wink girl Priya Varrier? Well, AIB sure created one heck of a storm on Valentine’s Day with #PyaarEkDhokhaHai. But you know Khamba (Khamba, say hello) didn’t buy into all that and took the sacred vows with his bae nonetheless.

On February 20, 2018, Khamba and Ismeet became man and wife and celebrated their big day with friends and family in true Punjabi fashion. Obviously, the groom crew, Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya couldn’t keep calm. After all, mere yaar ki shaadi hai!


Can I use our footage for the next honest weddings? No.

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From the pre-wedding functions to the main event, Insta was flooded with fun pictures, crazy dance videos and of course jokes (there have to be the zokes man, right!?) The couple looked adorable as hell and let’s just says the bride was one hell of a chilla!

After all that shaadi shebang, the wedding video is finally out. And step aside mushy, romantic, “I saw her and understood what love is” videos because this one is full of swag and fun. What else do you expect from AIB?! (Cue chorus: Hum toh udd gaye udd gaye.)

As a team, AIB has always been known to break conventional norms and push the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable a little further. However, unlike their hilarious videos, this is real life. But guess what, looking at Khamba and Ismeet's wedding video, it looks like these guys are just as cray in real life too.

The ‘Koki Khamba Diwas’ as the comedians were calling it, was a three-day raging party. So welcome all to this 'Honest Punjabi Wedding', you guys are in for a laughter fit.

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Wishing only bright smiles and giggles for this jovial couple. We're glad you didn't stick to the 'Pyaar Ek Dhokha Hai' plan, cause you guys are freaking cute! ❤