Gurdas Maan Shares His Heartfelt Wishes For Virushka After Performing At Their Delhi Reception

Gurdas Maan Shares His Heartfelt Wishes For Virushka After Performing At Their Delhi Reception

The heart and pride of Punjab, legendary folk singer Gurdas Maan needs no introduction. A man with immense talent, a golden voice, great heart and no air about him, Gurdas Maan is a gem of a person. Recently, the newlyweds Virat and Anushka had the ultimate homour of hosting this talented singer at their Delhi reception.


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Gurdas sang his famous folk Punjabi songs which made evryone shake a leg at the do. So much so, that the new Punjabi streak in Anushka awoke and she danced on the floor like nobody's watching. That too with a note in her mouth! We're not kidding!! She actually did, and boy oh boy, did she nail it! Well, getting back to Mr. Maan.

After he performed at Virushka's reception, the singer took to his Facebook and Instagram profiles to share with his fans and followers his beautiful experience that he had there.

This is what he posted on his Facebook page, along with a very pretty picture of him with the newlyweds.

"I came to shower my love on them, but they showered more love on me. ️Mein Dillon ardaas karda ke Rab hamesha enha dovan nu khush rakhey teh buriyan nazran toh bachakey rakhey - Virat and Anushka Jeondey Raho"

He meant to say that he prays wholeheartedly that Virat and Anushka always be happy and may the almighty protect them from all evil. Just, how sweet is this guy!

On Instagram too he poste dthe same picture, but with a different message.

"These two are modern-day icons of true love.️ Rab enha di jodi nu hamesha chadd-diyan kalan ch rakhey teh buriyan nazran toh bachai... god bless #SajnaVeSajna for Virat & Anushka"

He wrote that May god always keep the couple in the best of spirits and save them from all evil. Such a beautiful message for the newlyweds, isn't it?

Apart from Gurdas ji, the homourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, was also present at Virat and Anushka's reception. He also gave them a lot of blessings and a rose each, which we thought was really cute.

After the beautiful Tuscany wedding and the grand Delhi reception, Virushka are hosting another reception in Mumbai on 26 December for all their cricket and industry friends. We are sure that too will be a grand affair. We are eagerly waiting to see the pictures from the Mumbai reception. If you are too, then stay tuned to this space!