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Gully Gang Ranveer & Alia Bhatt Shocked Us With Their *Extra AF* Outfits Last Night

Gully Gang Ranveer & Alia Bhatt Shocked Us With Their *Extra AF* Outfits Last Night

We're singing apna time aayega and it's mostly in response to the incredibly OTT outfits the Gully Boy crew wore last night. 

The movie's music launch took place somewhere in Mumbai last night and if you've scrolled through Instagram this morning, you know Ranveer and Alia killed it. The audience went crazy and Ranveer Singh had a crowd surfing moment too - but most importantly their outfits knocked it out of the park, which is why we're here today. 


Image source: Instagram

Let's talk about the incredibly out-there looks Ranveer and Alia rocked at the launch last night. 


Image source: Instagram

Let's begin with baba, shall we? The 'Gully Boy' cranked it up with a neon green turtleneck and joggers, which he layered with a matching jacket... and a metallic silver puffer jacket that made our hearts skip a beat. 


Image source: Instagram

It doesn't end there, ladies. The Bollywood actor wore shiny blue high-top sneakers with the ensemble and completed it with a pair of red retro sunglasses, of course. It's easy to admit that Ranveer Singh is all the inspo anyone needs to pump some drama into their wardrobes, isn't it?

This time, however, Alia Bhatt wasn't far behind either. The 'Gully Girl' pulled out the big guns in a Giuseppe Di Morabito outfit for the epic music launch and we're proud of our homegirl. 


Image source: Instagram

We're obsessing over Alia's strapless printed top that flaunted a retro colour combination of black, gold, green and red but her skirt has us equally fascinated.


Image source: Instagram

There are so many things we love about this green lame midi skirt - its fishtail silhouette, the ruched detailing down the front and of course, the festive fringe at the hem. Alia's shoe choice is also an impressive one. This clear and nude tie-up sandal pair is practically a piece of art, isn't it?

While we let the idea of these larger than life outfits sink in, go and listen to the Gully Boy tracks, which are all out now! 

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