Severed Heads & Dragon Babies: The Gucci Runway Was Scarier Than The Pari Trailer!

Severed Heads & Dragon Babies: The Gucci Runway Was Scarier Than The Pari Trailer!

Remember the series of Pari teasers you’ve been watching in the morning time, just so you don’t get nightmares? Well, you would gladly make Anushka’s Pari your desktop wallpaper after knowing what Gucci sent down to the runway. The Gucci Fall 2018 show was not for faint hearts. There were models walking with prosthetic baby dragons, chopped head in hand and the set was designed to show an operating room. It doesn’t get spookier than that.

Gucci’s Instagram handle warned us about it in advance though.

You get a clearer picture when you see model Stella Bugbee’s chill Instagram video as she walks the ramp with a baby dragon which looks impressively-real. Yes, it looked realistic enough that the thought of petting that baby dragon will send chills down your spine. Khaleesi would approve. 


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Gucci has already been questioned on the authenticity of that dragon and you can thank the lord that, it isn’t real. Umm, mythical creatures remember? Although we are big fans of the brand but after going through all the bizarre things that happened on Gucci runway, we, as humans are glad that there’s no ministry of magic revealed as yet because this much crazy, was enough.

So here’s why we say that:

1. Tour of the set!

Stay in good health because after taking a tour of that set, you might want to ditch going to the hospital, as much as you can!

2. Model walking with a head!


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She’s not just walking with any head, it’s a head that looks just like hers with dead expressions. Walking dead, indeed! 

3. Model carrying a baby dragon

Not sure if we are ready for a baby dragon yet. This walk just made us realise that watching a baby dragon on the ramp is way creepier than watching Harry Potter fight a dragon 100 times larger than his size.

4. Not-so-regular outerwear


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If you didn’t release yet, this outwear is a faux hanging bag. No, nope, not planning to get in there anytime soon! It was reminiscent of Moschino’s Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags which are sold for $735 (Rs 47,820 approximately). 

5. That psycho movie with dancers as killers in it


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Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Russ Meyer had some interesting name for the movie, huh? This film is set in 1960s California and follows three go-go dancers who embark on a kidnapping-turned-murder. I’m still thinking why Alessandro Michele put it on a sweater. But I believe it’s better for me to not know the reason. Shivers!     

6. Chameleon in the house? Anybody?!

Yeah, that also happened. Chameleon also was a part of this spooked-stage, it was in a much quieter zone though. No movement detected, kinda like when someone is making a plan to murder you.  

Bottomline, it’s innovation coming straight up from hell but if you’re not a fan of the spooky stuff, it’ll give you a nightmare. Gucci did such a great job with realistic work of art that we can’t help but be creeped!