This Groom Sang The Sweetest Prateek Kuhad Song When His Bride Entered & We're All Gushing

This Groom Sang The Sweetest Prateek Kuhad Song When His Bride Entered & We're All Gushing

We're all living in times where fear seems to be the primary emotion- we're scared of today, we're scared of going out, of meeting people and we're even more afraid of tomorrow. The environment has become such that we have truly understood the meaning of little pleasures. But in times like these, it's important to look at happy things and feel blessed. 

So, here's one to keep those coronavirus fears away:

This groom sang the Prateek Kuhad song Tune Kaha for his bride as she walked down the aisle. The ballad is also about love and about how she speaks a language only he understands which is the cutest thing when you're taking a vow to be together forever.

Nikhil and Tarini earlier had plans of getting married in Thailand but because of the coronavirus pandemic, they had to cancel the idea and shift the celebrations to Delhi. It took them just ten days to plan everything and it turned out to be a fun-filled affair. 

Look at our stunning dulhan Tarini walking to her Prince:

"Nikhil and I initially planned a destination wedding in Thailand and over the course of last year, we made multiple trips to finalize the details. However, the world had a different plan for not just us, but everyone, as the coronavirus started spreading rapidly in China and then in so many other countries. All our guests had confirmed tickets, but many felt apprehensive about flying, and rightly so, as the situation was so unprecedented", Tarini said. 

Well, if you've got a bride as pretty as this, a family excited to help and a dreamy groom like Nikhil, it's got to be the shaadi of the season.

Okay, this has totally made me a mushball and now I need to go hug my bae. (After I wash my hands, of course.) Wishing Nikhil and Tarini love and loads of happiness. 

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