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Forget Aladdin! This Groom Made The Coolest Entry On A 'Flying Carpet'

Forget Aladdin! This Groom Made The Coolest Entry On A 'Flying Carpet'

There was a time when nobody believed in flying objects. Up until 1992, the only thing that we thought could fly was an aeroplane. Then we were introduced to the magical story of Aladdin and his flying carpet! Aladdin's carpet actually flew and took him anywhere he wanted. The story was the complete package with a monkey, a genie and a magical lamp.

Wondering why we're telling you this story? Well, that's because we recently came across a real-life Aladdin. An Indian couple got married in England last year and the groom shocked his guests. He entered the venue on a 'flying carpet'. No, we're not kidding. You can see it for yourself:

And if you thought that the groom's entry was the only cool thing about the wedding, then here's a surprise. While the groom decided to be Aladdin for the Hindu wedding, the couple made sure they did something unique for their Christian ceremony too. After the wedding was over, they decided to ride away on a decorated bicycle rather than a fancy car. It was so adorable to watch! 

No matter what culture or country they belong to, people find a way to add some fun to their wedding celebrations! Share this idea with your fiance, will you?