Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Golden Globes 2021 Zoom Party & We're In Splits

Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Golden Globes 2021 Zoom Party & We're In Splits

The Golden Globe Awards is one of the most anticipated award shows in Hollywood. Seriously, to watch so much talent, good looks and style at one stage is always a surreal experience. Moreover, the Globes has always made it a point to bring a dynamic aspect to its theme and leave all its fans in awe. We definitely cannot forget the historic 75th Golden Globe Awards when many celebrities wore black in solidarity with the Time’s Up movement.

However, to say that the Golden Globe Awards 2021 was a 'surreal' experience would be an understatement of the year. For starters, the award show was hosted over a zoom call. And frankly, that's where the fiasco began.

We laud the fact that the Golden Globe Awards 2021 was hosted virtually. However, the viewers were surprised to witness some PJ party moments during one of the biggest award shows in America.

And wait, if you thought that Emily In Paris getting nominated for best series in comedy was the only mess the award show had made, then you're in for a major shock. We're talking about underdressed celebrities, mic glitch, awkward expressions, and uncountable tech issues. *Pheww* And, here we thought our Zoom meetings were weird! 

Overall, it was one hell of an event and of course, the netizens have plenty to say about it. Here are their honest tweets that are hilarious AF! Take a look:

Did Zoom Meetings Just Got LIT?

Zoom meetings are pretty chaotic and thanks to lockdowns, we all are well aware of it by now. But TBH, Golden Globes set a new record for hosting the most chaotic Zoom meeting ever and fans are just not having it.

One of the most hilarious moments was when Schitt's Creek star Catherine O'Hara and her husband, Bo Welch had no idea where the cameras were throughout the meeting aka ceremony.  

Stop This Madness, NOW!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but can we all just agree that virtual award shows are a big no-no?

All Hail Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels was nominated in the category of best actor for his performance in The Comedy Rule. Although he did not win the award, he surely won many hearts. The actor legit sat in a flannel shirt and did not bother to dress up at all. In fact, it appeared that he had simply moved to a guest bedroom to attend the gala and fans couldn't help but laud this simplicity. Take a look:

Jason Sudeikis In Tie-Dye Hoodie FTW!

Actor Jason Sudeikis was clearly shocked to win the best actor in a comedy series award for his performance in Ted Lasso. However, his fans were more shocked to see him in a tie-dye hoodie. Yep, the actor had no intention of putting on a tux like his colleagues and honestly, we're in awe!

Chloe Zhao Is The Hero We Deserve!

The Golden Globe Awards 2021 recorded the most number of female nominations in the category of best director. Chloé Zhao became the second woman and the first Asian woman to ever win an award in this category for her work on Nomadland. However, her fans loved how she kept her overall look casual and effortless.

Daniel Kaluuya Was The Opposite of Shweta

Believe it or not, but the chaos at the Golden Globes started from the very first award itself. Daniel Kaluuya won the award for best supporting actor for his performance in Judas And The Black Messiah. After accepting his award, the actor began his emotional speech and... no voice was heard. Yep, he was on mute!

Honestly, can we expect any Zoom call to go smoothly without a mic glitch?

Tech Glitch On Point

A special shotout to the tech team who made sure that one of the biggest award shows in America was hosted smoothly. While it was not as smooth as they'd have wanted, (far away from it), it was fun nonetheless.

NGL, award shows that are hosted IRL have glitches and errors as well. I mean, who can forget that the Oscars 2017 messed it a big-time by announcing La La Land as the best movie instead of Moonlight? So, we believe that people can overlook the chaos that took place during the virtual Golden Globes as well.

But having said that, these awkward moments were hilarious AF! From speeches getting disturbed midway to the entire confusion regarding the cameras, Golden Globe Awards 2021 was a memorable event.

Featured Image: Instagram