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‘Vagina Glitter Bombs’ Are Now A Thing And We Can’t Even…

‘Vagina Glitter Bombs’ Are Now A Thing And We Can’t Even…

Girls, would you believe if we tell you that you can glitter bomb your vagina and not just that, you can make your vagina smell like candy? Well, this might come as a surprise for you but a U.S based website Pretty Woman Inc has come up with capsules which they call as ‘Passion Dust’ and it’s making news all over the world!

So what is Passion Dust?

Passion Dust is basically a ‘sparkleized capsule’ for your vagina which will add glitter to your vagina and make it smell ‘magically delicious’ as claimed by the website. It’s supposed to be inserted an hour before intercourse which dissolves releasing ‘sparkly, candy flavoured passion dust’ and make lovemaking a bit more…delicious.


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How does it work?

To put it simply, the capsule becomes warmed and moistened by the natural vagina fluid. it begins to dissolve while releasing sparkly, candy flavoured ‘Passion Dust’ from the capsule and basically leads to ‘flavoured orgasm’. However, it isn’t a lubricant, or gel of any kind. It’s sole purpose is to add sparkle and flavour down there and make lovemaking an experience like never before.

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How safe it is?

The website claims it to be extremely safe for use, however, it’s always recommended to take precautions or a gynaecologist’s advice before using intimacy products. No wonder, every women is beautiful inside out, but all those who’ve been looking to have a little fun and shine a little more, Passion Dust is to watch out for!

You can read the full description of the product here.

So would you like to give it a shot?

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