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7 *Bikini Wax* Confessions You Just Can’t Miss!

7 *Bikini Wax* Confessions You Just Can’t Miss!

Girls, we know a bikini wax can be quite painful. And, of course, showing your lady parts to a total stranger can be a bit embarrassing too. Yet, bikini waxing is one of those grooming habits almost all of us follow. If you are a first timer or plain curious about what other girls feel about getting waxed down there, read these bikini wax stories now!

1. Well, that happens!

1 Image Source

2. Yeah! You eventually get used to it.

2 Image Source

3. Because ‘pretty hurts’, if you know what we mean. *Wink*

3 Image Source

4. That embarrassing moment…

4 Image Source

5. That’s okay! You always have the option of shaving (or not doing anything at all).

5 Image Source

6. You’re SO lucky!

6 Image Source

7. The *oops* moment!

7 Image Source So what’s your story?
Published on Apr 3, 2017
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