Spread Awareness, Not Panic: Girl Tests Positive For COVID-19, Tweets Day-To-Day Symptoms

Spread Awareness, Not Panic: Girl Tests Positive For COVID-19, Tweets Day-To-Day Symptoms

We're currently in the middle of a global health crisis. Owing to the contagious nature of the novel coronavirus, which has already infected 338,724 and killed 14,687 across the world, governments have been forced to enforce complete lockdown. India, that already has 396 positive cases, has also implemented lockdown in 75 districts across the country in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. At this point, social distancing along with awareness has become the need of the hour along with awareness. And this Twitter user is doing exactly that.

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Twitter User Shares Day-To-Day Symptoms

To help spread awareness about what testing positive for the deadly virus feels like, 22-year-old Bjonda Haliti, who hails from California, shared her experience and all her symptoms from Day 1 to 10 on the micro-blogging site. 

This is what her ordeal was like:

She wanted to share her experience to help relieve people of anxiety

It started out like the regular flu

Then the symptoms started getting severe

She felt weak and low on energy by Day 3

Fever passed but an alarming symptom showed up on Day 4

By Day 5, she had all the major symptoms of coronavirus

She continued to take medication for her symptoms

By Day 7, she began to feel slightly better

Soon, she started to regain her energy

By Day 9, she almost felt back to feeling normal

Day 10 came with a plot twist

She's still in self-quarantine to protect other people

She also wanted to warn people to not use ibuprofen like she did

She summed up her entire experience in one tweet

And she's finally feeling a lot better now

Bjonda's day-to-day breakdown gave us much-needed insight into what it feels like to fight the virus. Remember to practice social distancing, call your GP if you have any symptoms and don't panic. Together, we can fight this pandemic.

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