7 Perfect Gifts For The January-Born Girl Who Has Everything!

7 Perfect Gifts For The January-Born Girl Who Has Everything!

January born girls can be a tad bit difficult to shop for. They have an old soul which constantly needs fueling. Stuck between Capricorn and Aquarius, the month gives way to energetic, hardworking girls; but sometimes, even they need a break. So, how can you help? I made a list of all the perfect gifts you can get her to help her unwind, from some kickass beauty products to a cute onesie, there is something for everyone on this list. 

1. Fluffy Comfy Pair

Fuzzy socks are a boon for the winters; especially in January, when you need some solace in your reading nook. Gift her a pair with cute Christmas emojis, or animal prints and watch those eyes light up in delight!

2. The POPxo Beauty Box

02 epopxo beauty box

Image Source: ePOPxo

The all-in-one box was released just today! You get a Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Facewash (MRP Rs. 77), Organic Harvest Pomegranate Lip Balm (MRP Rs. 199), Souhait Essentials Flawless Face Oil (MRP Rs. 350), MyGlamm Beauty Blender (MRP Rs. 950), Colorbar Fruit Drop Hydrating Hand Cream, Blossom Kochhar Voucher (20% Off on purchases above Rs. 799) and Marks & Spencer Voucher (Rs. 500 Off on purchases above Rs. 2,500), all worth Rs 1576, in a box that's amazingly priced at Rs 888. And if you rush now, you can buy it on the Preview Sale for just Rs 799. It's the ultimate winter care box, she didn't know she needed. A perfect package for her self-care weekend, and we even threw in some essentials to help her through the week. A box so good, you'd be tempted to get yourself one! Shop at ePOPxo here

3. A Romantic Novel 

January born girls have a certain romantic side to them that no one really understands. So be a darling and gift them a copy of Love Letters Of Great Men by John C. Kirkland, or Essays In Love by Alain de Botton.

4. Cute Handbag 

04 handbag gift

Image Source: Pexels

You know that one handbag that fits in all your essentials and is basically Hermione's beaded bag with the extension charm? A little something to carry around your hand cream, wet tissues, lip balm, sanitizer, the list goes on! Gift her that, and she'll thank you forever. Maybe she could just use the Marks & Spencer gift voucher from her POPxo beauty box to invest in the staple accessory! 

5. Wine Glasses 

Netflix and chill; but, all by yourself. Gift her wine glasses that make her feel classy when she drinks wine out of a box in her pajamas. 

6. Guilty Pleasure Onesie 

06 adriana onesie

Image Source: Instagram

Every girl wants this; but, most are too skeptical about investing in one. So, help her give into her guilty pleasure and gift her a unicorn onesie for her birthday!

7. Perfect Planner 

The year has just begun, and the January born girls love planning what's going to happen ahead. They pay true attention to detail so help make their lives easier with a cute motivational planner this birthday. 

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