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Get The Look: Winter Has Come For Priyanka Chopra And She Is Looking Drop D(e)ad Gorgeous

Get The Look: Winter Has Come For Priyanka Chopra And She Is Looking Drop D(e)ad Gorgeous

It looks like winter has already come for Priyanka Chopra because the actress just boarded a flight in an outfit so chill that it sent a shiver down our spine. PC gave us a different kind of street styling inspiration this fine morning on her way to London. And she didn't wear a fitted crop top with flared jeans like usual. All she needed was an oversized blazer to look drop d(e)ad gorgeous, and here's how:

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Image: Instagram

Priyanka wore olive green trousers with a dark green pullover - a colour choice we probably wouldn't make (well, not anymore) - and completed the look with a coffee brown dad blazer. Her bright orange handbag added a pop of colour to this very-autumn look. For footwear, she chose off-white heeled boots and once again, went for berry lips.

We are so digging this look. Are you too? Here's how you can get the look on a budget:

1. Olive Green Trousers


POPxo Recommends: Olive Green Solid Regular Trousers (Rs 1,399) by Marks & Spencer.

2. Dark Green Pullover


POPxo Recommends: Green Solid Pullover (Rs 1,077) by Forever 21.

3. Coffee Brown Dad Blazer


POPxo Recommends: Brown Printed Coat (Rs 2,699) by All About You.

4. Orange Handbag


POPxo Recommends: Drawstring Detail PU Tote Bag (Rs 1,500) by Shein.

5. Off-White Boots


POPxo Recommends: Off-White Solid Heeled Boots (Rs 3,590) by Dorothy Perkins.

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Published on Oct 12, 2018
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