Hello Spring: This New Brow Trend On Instagram Is About To Blow Your Mind!

Hello Spring: This New Brow Trend On Instagram Is About To Blow Your Mind!

Several wacky eyebrow trends have taken Instagram by storm in the last couple of years. We agree that most of them are impractical but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t interesting, to say the least. Also, they are perfect for a trending photo op, that’s probably why weird trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 2017 brought to us astounding brow things including Christmas tree brows and braided brows — each one topped the last — and in 2018, the creativity of brow-obsessed make-up artists is brimming with fresh ideas. We've already seen fishtail brows and now, there's something fresh.

Recently, YouTuber and blogger, Taylor R, tried her hands on a brand-new brow art and we have to say that it’s a made-for-spring trend. Say hello to “garden brows.”


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The garden brow look features tiny and whimsical garden-themed accents including flowers and butterfly stickers. The trend kinda makes you look like a fairy, now who doesn’t want that! The stickers are intricately placed on and around the brows along with a lush-green base that introduces a grassy effect. Taylor, who goes by the username taytay_xx on Instagram, also shared a short step-by-step tutorial to getting her garden-inspired creation and surprisingly, it doesn’t look like a tough game. You can totally replicate the look for a theme party or anytime you feel like spreading the spring culture.


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To re-create the look you’ll need some cosmetic wax, lush-green liquid lipstick, fake flowers, lash glue, a mascara applicator and butterfly or bug stickers. Taylor delicately added some butterflies on her skin right above the arches to make look more spring-y.

How did she do it?

To start with, she used wax to brush her brows upwards and backwards to make them look messy and textured enough to hold onto the green liquid lipstick and the tiny flowers. She then dotted her lash glue in the areas where she wanted to stick the flowers. To make the application easier and less messy, she allowed the glue to dry for a few seconds before applying them.    

Once the flowers were added, she finished the look by adding a few butterfly stickers to each arch, which obviously took the look to the next level!


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Since Taylor’s look gained popularity, many artists and Instagram users have tried recreating a personal rendition of it and it’s a treat to the eyes!  


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Well, get ready to wear some flowers on your brows now!

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