Gal Gadot Might Not Play Wonder Woman In The Sequel & Here’s Why

Gal Gadot Might Not Play Wonder Woman In The Sequel & Here’s Why

We all know Gal Gadot - the 21st century Wonder Woman you never knew you needed till you saw her light up the silver screens with so much grit and gorgeousness! And given that she currently happens to be the only female superhero independent of any male contemporary - within both, the Marvel as well as DC Comics’ Universes - it’s a matter of immense pride and joy for every woman out there.

Image 1 gal gadot in wonder woman sequel

We cheered on when her thigh jiggled and we applauded her for her offscreen portrayal which was just as worthy of being Wonder Woman as it was onscreen.

So, when we recently heard, furthermore, that Gadot might not actually reprise the role of Diana Prince, the Amazonian, our hearts did initially fall a little. But, when you listen to her reason, you want to officially crown her the title of legit Wonder Woman with the God Killer and the Lasso of Justice, et al!

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In her recent statement, Gadot clarified that she will not play Wonder Woman in the sequel if the movie involved Brett Ratner. For those of you who don’t know, Ratner was the film producer of the first Wonder Woman. Furthermore, Ratner also happens to be amongst one of the many Hollywood male celebrities who have lately been accused of sexual harassment. The allegations against the film producer are multiple and with Gadot taking a stand against him, it gives more women power and courage to stand against injustice against women in the entertainment industry.

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So, while we would love nothing more than to see Gal Gadot reprise the role of Wonder Woman, we already love and respect her more for putting her role on the line as a gesture of compassion for the women who have been wronged by powerful men in Hollywood!

Whether or not Gadot returns to the Wonder Woman franchise for a sequel, she has already been crowned as the Wonder Woman of the people!

Images: Vulture, DC Comics