11 Tweets That Are True For EVERY Girl Who’s Shopped Online!

11 Tweets That Are True For EVERY Girl Who’s Shopped Online!
Online shopping, just like shopping, is therapeutic. It’s like a surprise gift you give to yourself and it’s indeed the best feeling! Here’s a compilation of some of the hilarious tweets about online shopping that are true for EVERY girl. Read on and have a good time.

1. Haha! Happens all the time.

1 Source: Sassytbh on Twitter

2. Someone said it.

2 Source: WomensHumor on Twitter

3. That moment when you don’t really want anything but you still shop cuz… FREE SHIPPING!

3 Source: RachelleSeguin_ on Twitter

4. Is there a way to stop? Someone please tell us.

4 Source: Alicatherinexo on Twitter

5. Best. Feeling. EVER.

5 Source: tbhplzdont on Twitter

6. Online shopping and its f***ups!

6 Source: NicoleDaviess_ on Twitter

7. We all pray for that.

7 Source: tinatbh on Twitter

8. Shopping make you better at mathematics :O

8 Source: CatherineLMK on Twitter

9. *Intehaan hogai intezaar ki*

9 Source: antijokeapple on Twitter

10. Haha! Story of our lives. No one wants to spend money on shipping!

10 online shopping Source: scumcityceo on Twitter

11. That sad moment…

11 Source: curlyheadRED on Twitter OMG! These tweets were just SO funny!