10 Oh-So-Funny Tweets That’ll Make EVERY Desi Girl Go ‘So True’

10 Oh-So-Funny Tweets That’ll Make EVERY Desi Girl Go ‘So True’
Ladies, do you need a good laugh? If yes, we have some extremely funny tweets that will make every desi girl laugh out loud! If you are a hardcore desi and know what it’s like to be one, you will relate to each and every tweet. So get ready to laugh really hard and read on to have a good time...

1. When people get scandalized seeing a girl smoking!

1 tweets about indians Source: Just_Screams on Twitter

2. How ‘dirty’ do you want it to be? *Wink*

2 tweets about indians Source: NautankiNinja on Twitter

3. Hahaha! Now that we think about it… It’s quite true!

3 tweets about indians Source: iamhorcrux on Twitter

4. Yes, aunty, just prepping myself… you know?

4 tweets about indians Source: Stellla_Artois on Twitter

5. Kasam se! This is SO true!

5 tweets about indians Source: DilliBelle on Twitter

6. LOL! When you travel by cabs a lot...

6 Source: DilliBelle on Twitter

7. When uncles and aunties can’t stop bragging about their bachpan!

7 Source: LEDtvn on Twitter

8. Hahahaha! The nation now knows...

8 Source: ShrutiSeTakkar on Twitter

9. Okay, this is just hilarious! We laughed more than we should have...

9 Source: ammoloaded on Twitter

10. Because Mummy has the cure for every beemari… Ek thappad!

10 Source: MissTumbledore on Twitter Girls, how many of these made you laugh out loud?